In Memorium – Doug Bond (1953 – 1993)

In Memorium – Doug Bond (1953 – 1993)

Doug Bond (1953 – 1993) was a “friend of the lightkeepers” and worked as an Electrical Technician at the Prince Rupert, British Columbia Coast Guard Base. He was a great inventor and loved exploring all the aspects of his work field. His enthusiasm taught me to master computers. He left behind in Prince Rupert many friends who remember him well. – John Coldwell (one of many who remembers Doug)

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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  1. I am Mary Bond Doug Bond’s mother. I live now in North Vancouver. I was just searching on my computer to see what had become of Doug’s house in Port Edward when the Memorium, Lighthouses came up. I had not seen this before.
    A very good site. You may remember that Doug played the bagpipes. Did you know that I gave his pipes to young Guthrie Schweers at Langara Lightstation.
    I don’t know if he still plays them.

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