In Memorium – Albert Bartle (1915 – 1996)

In Memorium – Albert Bartle (1915 – 1996)


Albert Bartle

Albert Bartle (October 11, 1915 in Winnipeg, Manitoba – July 5, 1996 in Victoria, BC) – Relief Keeper.
More on his life here
-from Rodger Konkle (son-in-Law of Albert Bartle)

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As Albert has not too many words written about him, perhaps these short memories will add some colour to his life. – retlkpr

Alaska King Crab 

Cooked Alaska King Crab – photo David B. Fankhauser website

While on Pine Island, Al [Bartle] and Ralph [Emerich] put down a crab trap off the highline and put chicken scraps in the trap. The next morning they pulled up the trap and had an Alaska King Crab. Great eating! They did not know that the King crabs came this far south. 

– Jean (Bartle) Konkle (Daughter of Albert Bartle, Relief Keeper) 


Eagles Bathing 

Eagles bathing – photo Jim Robertson – Wildlife Photography website

While on Scarlett Point, Vivian Hunt, a First Nations person that lived on the island about ½ mile down from the lighthouse took us for a hike up the mountain on a trail that he had hand cut with a machete, to a small lake. While there we witnessed over 50 Eagles having a bath in the fresh water after feeding in salt water. That island [Scarlett] is a gorgeous site. Al [Bartle] caught a 20 lb. red snapper right off the rocks in front of the lighthouse. 

– Jean (Bartle) Konkle (Daughter of Albert Bartle, Relief Keeper on Scarlett Point c. 1973) 

Fish for Dinner 

Sandheads lighthouse – now automated

Dad (Albert Bartle), when he was on Sandheads lighthouse (no women allowed), which has no room to do anything except walk around the boardwalk around the lighthouse, would put down a bucket on a rope and passing fish boats would fill the bucket with salmon, cod, crabs, shrimp, etc. He always said that it was much easier than going fishing.  – Jean (Bartle) Konkle (Daughter of Albert Bartle, Relief Keeper at Sandheads c. 1970s)

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