What happened to our Helicopter – CG 253?

What happened to our Helicopter – CG 253?

CG 253I heard late last year that the  Sikorsky S-61N retired from the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). Yes, it did disappear from the Coast Guard Base in Prince Rupert but where did it go? There were rumours that it went to the US military and was sent off to Afghanistan but there is not a word in the news. There is an article here  about selling and then sending some S-61s to Iraq, but these were Danish S-61 Sea King helicopters.

Finally, after a lot of research I found the following article. The Canadian Coast Guard sold it as surplus. Surplus to what? There was only one S-61N in the CCG.

It did make a good sum of money considering it was a 1972 model. It went for $3,058,500.00 CDN on February 07, 2011.

If anyone has any more information on where it went after the sale, who bought it, final destination, still in service, please let me know so I can pass it on to the readers. That was one fine helicopter.

(cached photo of the CADC website on CG 253 here)

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