Coast Guard Humour

Coast Guard Humour

a Cutter

This humorous story was told me to me by a former US Coast Guard man named Charlie Hannert who emailed me about his life as a lighthouse keeper. All lighthouse keepers in the United States were members of the US Coast Guard and wore uniforms, whereas Canadian lighthouse keepers were not. We worked for the Coast Guard but were not under their jurisdiction. This story does not refer to anything Canadian but is along the lines of the “left-handed monkey wrench” with which many a newbie was fooled..

Everyone knows what a “Cutter” is, don’t they? If not, it is a name for a variety of boats used by the US Coast Guard. Well Charlie was asked . . .  OK, I’ll let him tell it . . .

When I got to my first unit the Chief asked me if I’d like to run the Coast Guard Cutter? Oh boy, I fell for that one hook line and sinker. Of course I said sure Chief. I knew better than to ever volunteer for anything, but? So he took me to the old boathouse and put me in charge of a push lawn mower. It was the Coast Guard’s ‘cutter’ alright!

Thanks Charlie!

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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