Lighthouse History – 08 (1885-09-25 to 1892-03-13)

Lighthouse History – 08 (1885-09-25 to 1892-03-13)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


“Inspection – of repairs done by Chas. Hayward to Race Rocks (lighthouse) [Colonist, 1885-09-25, p. 3]”

“tender call Wm. Smith, Dep. Minister of Marine, Yellow Island Lighthouse (Chrome Island – ed.), Baynes sound, District of Vancouver [Colonist, 1889-12-27, p. 1]”

“Joseph Dare, keeper of Esquimalt lighthouse (Fisgard Lighthouse – ed.), accidentally shot while hunting… [Colonist, 1890-03-01, p. 4]”

“Died Sep 22, 1891 at East Point Lighthouse (Saturna Island – ed.), British Columbia, Jessie, Daughter of James/Joan Georgeson, late of Shetland Island. [Colonist, 1891-09-25*]”

“Schooner Henrietta will probably leave this evening for the West Coast, where she will call at some of the stations, and deliver merchandise for the stores. She will then leave on a sealing cruise. 
Owing to the large quantity of freight to be delivered to the stations on the West Coast, the Canadian Pacific Navigation Co’s Steamer Maude will make 2 regular trips to Barclay Sound every month. 
Steamer Mystery will leave on Mon evening, with a cargo of flour from the Rice mills, for some of the stations on the West Coast. [Colonist, 1892-03-13]”

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