Travel-Discover Delaware Bay . . . USA

Travel-Discover Delaware Bay . . . USA


A day of discovery on the Delaware Bay (See more TRAVEL links in the right sidebar –>)

On Chesapeake Bay

CAPE MAY- Experience a day of discovery and adventure on the Delaware Bay.

The Cape May Whale Watcher has been completely refitted and is ready to set sail for another Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventure, co-sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC) and the Cape May Whale Watcher, on Saturday, July 30 at 10 a.m.

Board the Cape May Whale Watcher and view historic 19th Century and early 20th Century lighthouses that aided ships sailing the treacherous mid-channel of Delaware Bay. Most of these lighthouses are still in operation today, but many of them stand on pedestals surrounded by water and are not visible from land.

Spend the day sailing past nine mostly “water access only” Delaware Bay lighthouses including the following: Cape May Lighthouse, Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse, Inner Breakwater, Outer Breakwater, Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse, Cross Ledge Lighthouse, Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse, Elbow of Cross Ledge Lighthouse and Ship John Shoal Lighthouse. The cruise also includes narration on Delaware Bay lore and legend, and information on fishing and spawning grounds and the chance to see marine life like dolphins and whales.

Admission is $99 and includes a complimentary breakfast of danish, donuts, bagels, toast, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and juice, as well as a complimentary lunch, which consists of a classic cold menu including cheese, veggie and fruit trays and sandwiches. A cash bar is available. Seating is limited to 175 passengers.

The Cape May Whale Watcher is more than 110 feet in length, 23 feet wide, equipped with two decks, new seating, an air conditioned and heated cabin, new restrooms, new snack bar, and an all new sound system. The Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventures are approximately six or seven-hour voyages on the Delaware Bay. The Cape May Whale Watcher departs from the Miss Chris Marina, Second Avenue and Wilson Drive. If a cruise is not sold out in advance, the remaining tickets will be sold at the dock 30 minutes before departure. Free parking is available at the marina.

Additional Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventures are offered on Aug. 27, Sept. 24 and Oct. 14 (as part of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey Weekend). For more information or to purchase tickets, call 884-5404 or (800) 275-4278 or visit www.capemaymac.org.







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