Lighthouse History – 09 (1893-01-21 to 1897-07-06)

Lighthouse History – 09 (1893-01-21 to 1897-07-06)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


“Jan 24, 1893, 1 – I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Adeline Victoria Grive, or any other person, without my written order. Joseph T Grive, Comox, Grantham Post Office. Walter H Piercy, Yellow Rock (Chrome Island – ed.) lighthouse keeper, died at Courtenay, TB. Leaves wife, 4 children. [Colonist, 1893-01-21*]”

“Dominion Government Steamer Quadra, Captain Walbran, leaves for the West Coast on lighthouse duty this week. Steamer Mischief leaves for the West Coast Fri. [Colonist, 1895-06-05]”

“Whether or not Dominion Government Steamer Quadra, which left here for West Coast yesterday, is on police patrol duty, is a question the authorities are reticent about answering. Captain Gaudin, Agent of Marine, when asked as to the Steamer’s mission yesterday, said that she had gone to complete some extensive work already started on one of the Coast lighthouses, and also to land coal at one. He expected her back in less than 2 weeks. [Colonist, 1895-06-15]”

“Dominion Government Steamer Quadra leaves for the West Coast today on a trip of inspection to the lighthouses between here and Cape Beale.  [Colonist, 1896-04-07]”

“Miss Sea, of Victoria lighthouse…(Berens Island – ed.) last yr she at great personal risk rescued an unfortunate yachting party that came to grief in the Straits – and on Sun last she practically duplicated the heroic performance. Flora capsized and Diver McHardy and a companion found themselves in danger… With a heavy sea running she promptly lowered the lighthouse boat and put out to rescue the victims… local Royal Humane Soc reps to present her case of high courage. Jul 17, 1897, 5 – …will in all probability receive medal of Royal Humane Soc…; Sep 9, 5 – presentation… [Colonist, 1897-07-06, p. 5]”

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