Lighthouse History – 10 (1898-05-06 to 1899-11-28)

Lighthouse History – 10 (1898-05-06 to 1899-11-28)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


Captain Gaudin says that in addition to the lighthouses for which tenders are already being invited, there may be a few new ones built on the northern coast but they will be small. Those which have been called for will be located at Cape Mudge, on Sister I, on Egg I, in Queen Charlotte Sound, on Fiddle Reef off Oak Bay and in Burrard Inlet narrows… [Colonist, 1898-05-06]


Dominion Government Steamer ‘Quadra’ leaves for Cape Beale and West Coast lighthousestations tomorrow. [Colonist, 1898-06-07]


Dominion Government Steamer ‘Quadra’ leaves for Cape Beale and other coast lighthouse points this morning. [Colonist, 1899-04-04]


Dominion Government Steamer ‘Quadra’ returned to port yesterday afternoon after a short and uneventful trip to Cape Beale and Carmanah, at which stations stores were landed. Captain Walbran reports that a heavy sea was running on the West Coast Tues, which moderated sufficiently the following day to permit of communication being made with the lighthouses. [Colonist, 1899-04-07]

Now that traffic is increasing to points on the West Coast, the necessity for its improved lighting is becoming more urgent. At present there are nolighthouses on the whole western Island coast North of Cape Beale, and mariners are strongly commenting on the fact. A light, they say, at the entrance to Barclay Sound, on Amphitrite Point, would be of incalculable value to shipping, for though right on the seaboard, Barclay Sound is one of the most difficult pieces of navigation to be found on the British Columbia coast, for the entrance presents a perfect archipelago. There is a strong current setting towards Ucluelet, and it not infrequently happens that a sailing vessel is carried up to this locality and loses herself completely for a time. In foggy weather especially does this happen, and in 9 cases out of 10 the only thing that saves her is the deep channel. [Colonist, 1899-07-23]


Dominion Government Steamer ‘Quadra’ will next week take coal and supplies to the lighthouses of the West Coast. [Colonist, 1899-08-26]


Telegraph from Willapa – Barkentine ‘Uncle John’ ashore 8 miles westward of Carmanah lighthouse close to Remarkable waterfall. Fourteen days from Honolulu. Went ashore Sat night, crew safe on beach. Considerable sea running. Believe vessel will be total loss.” …It is rather remarkable that the information did not reach here earlier, as the vessel lies between 2 telegraph stations, Cape Beale and Carmanah, and within a few miles of either. It is probable that Willapa will bring the Captain and crew to Victoria on her return trip… It will be remembered that when Vesta struck she was not seriously damaged, but was driven so far up that it was impossible to get her off. [Colonist, 1899-10-10]


Captain Walbran aboard ‘Quadra’ returned yesterday from West Coast. Reports the weather as very bad. A continuous succession of Southeast gales, heavy rain and thick weather making it impossible to land at any lighthouses. [Colonist, 1899-11-28]

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