Do You Know Where I Can Find . . . ?

This is the mantle required

Do any of my readers know where I would be able to obtain kerosene lamp mantles for lighthouse lamps? I received this email today, and would like to be able to help this lady out.

I am with the Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society and I am wondering if you might help me. The Bahamas has eleven lighthouses built by the British between 1836-1887. Eight lighthouses have been automated and one was decommissioned in 1934.

There are three lightstations that still have Chance Brothers Fresnel lenses and lens clocks. These lights are still illuminated by Hood petroleum vapour burners with mantles. To the best of our research, these are the only lights left in the world that are day in and day out cranked by hand and fueled by pressure kerosene.

Among our problems is finding a source of good strong mantles for these lights. They use Falks Veritas¬†50mm double-walled autoform mantles Ref: No. 820. They are 5 1/2 ins high by 3 1/2 ins flat, with a bottom diam of 2″¬†that are for high-pressure kerosene.

In the past we have used a company in China to fabricate them, but have not liked the quality of the mantles produced. Do you know of any other lighthouses using kerosene burning mantles? Would you have any ideas of where we might be able to find more mantles?

If anyone out there knows of a source, please email me or send me a reply on the comment form below. Thanks for any help.

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