Lighthouse History – 19 (1902-05-13 to 1902-08-06)

Lighthouse History – 19 (1902-05-13 to 1902-08-06)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


 Dominion Government Steamer Quadra returned yesterday from a short but useful cruise to Clayoquot Sound. Two additional buoys were placed in position as aids to navigation, one off Echatchet’s I, Templar Channel to mark the rock nearby in the centre of the fairway, and the other off the Southwest point of Meares I, to show the turn into Deception Channel. The old buoy off Stubbs Spit was replaced by a new one. 
When in the Sound Captain Walbran carefully fixed the position of 4 uncharted rocks. Two of these are dangerous to navigation, one in the fairway of Browning Passage, with only 5′ of water over it at low water and the other, which dries at a very low tide, at the East end of Hecate Passage. Particulars of these rocks will be published by the Marine and Fisheries Department at an early date. 
Captain Walbran reports that building operations are evidently proceeding at a lively rate along the West Coast. A large hotel has been erected in Snuggery Cove, Port San Juan, with all modern conveniences, telephone, etc. A palatial building is building on the peninsula between Bamfield and Grappler Creeks, Barkley Sound for the Pacific Cable Co, all modern luxuries will be here, billiard room, smoking room, library, tennis court, etc, and last, but by no means least, the very latest news from all parts of the world. In Clayoquot Sound a large and handsome Roman Catholic Industrial Home has been built on the shores of Deception Pass, besides many new houses dotted here and there on the picturesque islands of the Sound. Favourable weather with the exception of one day was experienced during the cruise. 
The following bottle paper was brought on board the Quadra from Cape Beale lighthouse: 
SS Miowera, From Victoria for Honolulu. Lat 40-52 North, long 137-50 West. Thrown overboard Dec 16, 1901. Thrown overboard in strong Southeast wind, and Southeast sea. Requested mail to Sydney, New South Wales. (Signed), WILLIAM McFARLANE, 1st Officer. 
This was found on May 5, 1902, 12 miles East of Cape Beale, by an Indian, and was given to a line man on the Cape Beale section on May 7, who handed it to the lighthouse keeper at Cape Beale. [Colonist, 1902-05-13]


Col. W P Anderson, chief Engineer of the Department of Marine & Fisheries, is expected to reach Victoria within the present month to examine several sites for proposed lighthouses… It is probable that as a result of his coming 3 new lighthouses will be added… 2 on the West Coast… [Colonist, 1902-07-08]


Queen City, Captain Townsend, returned from Ahousett and way ports on the West Coast yesterday afternoon. She brought little news of importance. The freight was small, and her passengers numbered 26 in all. J W McGregor came from San Juan, having been doing assessment work on some rich iron properties owned by himself and associates on the Jordan River. T Wilson, Superintendent at Vancouver for Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraphs came from the cable station at Bamfield Creek, and Joshua Holland, contractor for the cable buildings; H Colbert, L Borde, E Mattison, W Gilmore, H Gilmore, J Garrard and C M Gluck were passengers from Bamfield Creek. H E Newton, the well-known mining man, and Mrs Hobbs, T M Baird, Miss Green, W Young, Miss Foster, Miss Williams, D M Gray, C E Ewart, A Nettleton, W E Fisher, J O Owens and E P Colby came from San Juan. Mrs Reese came from Hayes Landing, Mrs Paterson, wife of the lighthouse-keeper, from Cape Beale, and J Spittal, from Clayoquot. Steamer will sail again for the West Coast on Thurs night. [Colonist, 1902-08-06]



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