Lighthouse History – 20 (1902-09-12 to 1903-03-27)

Lighthouse History – 20 (1902-09-12 to 1903-03-27)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


Dominion Government Steamer Quadra, Captain Walbran, returned to port yesterday afternoon with Col. Anderson, chief Engineer of the Department of Marine & Fisheries, on board. Steamer has been to the West Coast, going as far as Clayoquot. Colonel Anderson has been inspecting the Coast and Gulf lighthouses and aids around the Coast. He did not go further West than Clayoquot on the West Coast, and therefore did not see Cape Cook, where many mariners have longed to see a light for seasons past… [Colonist, 1902-09-12]


Five new lighthouses are to be established in British Columbia waters. Colonel W P Anderson, chief Engineer of the Department of Marine & Fisheries, who has just completed his tour of inspection of the aids to navigation and lighthouses in these waters has located the sites of several newlighthouses… The 5th light to be established by the Marine and Fisheries Department will be placed on Lennard I at the Southeast entrance of the East channel to Clayoquot Sound. The site for this light was selected by Colonel Anderson on his recent visit to Clayoquot on Dominion Government Steamer Quadra. The light will, it is expected, be of more than local use to mariners entering Clayoquot Sound, for it is thought that it will be of considerable benefit to mariners who are picking up the Island coast after completing a voyage over the great circle route from the Far East. During the visit of Colonel Anderson to Clayoquot Sound he also located several new dangers – and had several buoys placed to mark them. The cruise was not extended further up the West Coast, for what other lights it may be desirable to place on that portion of the Coast must wait….. [Colonist, 1902-09-13]


Today or tomorrow Victoria will be placed in communication with Clayoquot, on the Vancouver Island coast, the telegraph line having been extended to that place, and instruments installed at the store of Stockham and Dawley, on Stubbs I, the commercial settlement of Clayoquot. Steamer Otter, which laid the cable across Barkley Sound for this addition to the Dominion Government telegraph line, which heretofore did not extend past Alberni, returned from the West Coast yesterday after completing the work of dropping the line from a point on Alberni canal to the other side of Barkley Sound. Another section of cable has been laid across Clayoquot Sound for a distance of half a mile from the mainland to Stubbs I, this having been completed about 2 weeks ago, and now that the longer cable across Barkley Sound has been completed by Otter, the line is practically complete. 
With the Dominion government telegraph line extended to Clayoquot and the lighthouse, which it is proposed to erect at the mouth of that Sound, placed in operation, the shipping facilities on the Vancouver Island coast will be greatly improved. The light will be of great advantage to shipping, and with the telegraph communication extended to that point, shipwrecked crews which find their way to the Coast will be able to get assistance quicker than they otherwise would have. 
Those who remember the details of several wrecks which have occurred on the Island coast will easily see how this may have the effect, in some cases, of saving life, as well 
as property. [Colonist, 1902-12-12]


Tees, Captain Townsend, which returned to port yesterday from the way ports of the Vancouver Island Coast, brought news from several vessels of the sealing fleet. Two Schooners were at Bamfield Creek, Triumph and Allie I Algar, C D Rand and Penelope had been in at Kyuquot, and Zillah May at Clayoquot with 35 skins. Schooner Triumph lost 3 of her crew by desertion, and the trio have essayed a hard journey to reach Victoria. Five days ago they started out from the West Coast point to walk to Victoria overland, and they were last reported at San Juan, since all trace of them has been lost, and it was feared they had been lost. Triumph had 53 skins, and Algar 16, being sent to Victoria by Steamer Tees. 
Penelope put into Kyuquot on the 16th to pick up 2 canoes that had run away when sealing close to shore. Schooner had 76 skins. After filling her water tanks and securing her deserters she continued her cruise. C D Rand had also called to get 2 canoes. One canoe with its 2 hunters reached shore, and nothing had been heard of the other one. Rand had about 50 skins. 
Schooner Zillah May returned to Nootka with a sick klootchman on Mar 18, with 35 skins. The crew were the means of lending much assistance to Mr Sloman, manager of Messrs Stockham and Dawley. Their Nootka store was completely gutted, and there was no insurance. Mr Stockham went from Clayoquot on Tees to make arrangements for the building of a new store on more modern principles. 
Work on Lennard I is progressing favourably, 10 men working clearing the site for a new lighthouse. 
The Good Hope mine shut down on Wed last. There are between 3 and 4′ of good copper showing on this property. Mr Corkall, of Victoria, has commenced work on the Rose Marie on Kennedy Lake. 
The Seattle group is still being worked under the management of Mr Whitewell, it is rumoured that they have struck the copper lead of between 3 and 4′. 
The Steamer brought a number of passengers, includingConstable Johnson of Clayoquot with 2 Indians, accused of deserting from a sealing schooner, J Coates, a prospector; Miss McLean, from Alberni; Miss Conway, from Chemainus; J Coates, a prospector from Clayoquot; a party of miners from Quatsino, and G Watson, A Williams, J Bryan, R Wall, George Burnside, L B Jospeh, T M Baird, W T Watson, H N Harrell, J Anderson, George Wilmot, J Carse, H E Newton, E Fletcher and J F Randall. 
After discharging her freight from the Coast the Steamer proceeded to Vancouver with a cargo of rice and general freight ex: the blue funnel liner Achilles. [Colonist, 1903-03-27]

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