It Was a Dark and Foggy Night . . .

It Was a Dark and Foggy Night . . .

[audio:Pulteney_Point_2X_Electronic_Airchime.mp3|titles=Pulteney Point Electronic Airchime]
Life Saving Patrol by Edward Moran (1925.12.3)

“It was a dark and foggy night. Me and Rex had to think quickly to warn strangers of the treacherous rocks. Without the safety halo of the lighthouse, there was only our lantern to warn the oncoming ship. Rex howled at the emerging moon and jumped in front of the lantern’s glow. Then it came to me-Morse code. I safely communicated to the ship DANGER ROCKS AHEAD. The ship turned away from the perilous rocks and we breathed a sigh of relief.”


I made the title for this piece while learning about how to get the Flash video of the lighthouse in the fog working. Then I had to fight to get the foghorn sound attached properly. You would not believe the amount of learning that goes into making a website, especially with all the new XHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, and a hundred other new bits and pieces to understand. I feel like a kid in his first day in school, and that is the reason for this post – to learn a bit more.

The quote came from the Flickr website hosting the photo above.

What I did was search the Internet using Google to find a webpage or such with the above quote that I had used for the title – “It was a dark and foggy night . . . ” PLUS the word “lighthouse” in it. I was trying to find a story that was lighthouse or marine related.

I found the above photo and below it were many, many comments from readers which appeared as one- or two-line short stories.

This story above came from a reader named “reedphoto 1”. You can read more of the amusing stories and comments from the readers at the Flickr website link.

I learned a lot about website building here and I enjoyed making this page. I hope you enjoy it as well!


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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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