Book – Images and Voices of Lighthouse Country

Book – Images and Voices of Lighthouse Country

Images and Voices of Lighthouse Country – A pict/oral history of Deep Bay, Bowser, Qualicum Bay, Horne Lake by Rita Levitz and Leah Willott

Local authors Rita Levitz and Leah Willot have captured the heart of Lighthouse Country. Packed with interviews, news clippings and over 150 black and white photographs, the unforgettable stories of life on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the early to mid-1900’s, come to life.

See never before published photos of Mike, Bowser’ s remarkable bartending dog. Read accounts of the Wild Man of Horne Lake and the Cadborosaurus of Qualicum Bay. Listen to the compelling fist-reminiscences of people who lived through the Cannery Fire of 1937, the earthquake of 1946, and the boom and bust cycle of the fishing and logging industries. They are all woven together in the in this fascinating local history which traces the development of the unique communities of Vancouver Island’ s Lighthouse Country.

Paperback: 200 pages; illustrated
Publisher: Images & Voices (1997); Bowser, BC
Language: English
Subjects: History, Canada, Bowser, Deep Bay, Horne Lake Region, Qualicum Bay, Travel
ISBN-10: 096818880X
ISBN-13: 978-0968188804
Availability: Out of Print 1

1 Even though the book is out of print, I have talked to the author, Rita Levitz, and she has a few spare copies that she will mail out if you want one. I will remove this notice when she notifies me she has no more. You can email her at her email address.

This is the book mentioned in my article on Chrome Island. – JC

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