Our First Union Meeting – November 13, 1994

Our First Union Meeting – November 13, 1994

This post will not have much interest for the average reader, but then it might, because it shows how isolated we were on the West Coast lighthouses.

We, meaning lighthouse representatives representing all the BC lighthouses, got together for the first time in our lives for a Union Meeting. It was in Vancouver, BC, at the Century Plaza Hotel.

Not a big deal you might say, but it was! It was the first time some of us had seen each other in all our lives on the lights – it was November 13, 1994. I had been on the lights for 25 years and had never met the majority of keepers there.

It was also not a very ceremonious occasion as we were brought together by Coast Guard, not for the meeting, but to discuss ways to assist the government, meaning Coast Guard, in de-staffing the lighthouses.

So at the same time, we got together with a Union Representative and our President Jim Abram and held a Union meeting – PSAC/UCTE Local 20232 was called to order for the first time.

It was more a ceremony than a meeting, and it was not very eventful, but it gave us a united front and the confidence to fight back, and we did, and we won, thanks to all the people that needed our services, and stood up on our side.


l. to r.
back: Doug Fraser, Ed Kidder, Jerry Etzkorn, John Coldwell, Rene Kitson, Gorden Schweers, Judy Schweers, Tony Holland
front: Jim Abram, Don Graham

The photo above shows the members in attendance at the meeting.

The attached PDF document gives the minutes of the meeting.

By the way, we are still fighting!

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