Lighthouse History – 28 (1907-02-06 to 1907-06-15)

Lighthouse History – 28 (1907-02-06 to 1907-06-15)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: ”Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


CGS Quadra, now coaling, will probably carry a representative of the Sailor’s Union to the West Coast, when she leaves on a patrol and lighthousetendering cruise about the end of the week. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer of yesterday says: “As a reward for the heroism of Mrs Minnie Paterson in sending aid to the crew of the bark Coloma, which was drifting a wreck off the Vancouver Island coast, the Masters’ and Pilots’ Assn will present her with a handsome gold medal. The inscription on the reverse side reads: “Presented by Puget Sound Harbour No 16, to Mrs Minnie Paterson, for her heroic effort in sending assistance to the bark Coloma, Dec 7, 1906, whereby the lives of 10 men were saved by Dominion Government Steamer Quadra.’ 
On the reverse side is the figure of a woman fighting her way through the brush with the Latin inscription meaning ‘She hastened that she might save others.” [Colonist, 1907-02-06]


CGS Quadra when she leaves this morning for the West Coast with supplies for lighthouses, new automatic lights, and further material for the construction of a light at Pachena Point, will also carry a medal for presentation to Mrs Minnie Paterson of Cape Beale. The medal, a large gold souvenir suitably Engineeraved, is from Puget Sound Harbour, No 16, of the American Assn of Masters, Mates and Pilots… Beneath the figure of the running woman are 10 stars, to represent the number of lives saved by the West Coast heroine. 
Quadra will also carry 2 new 31-day automatic Whigham lights. One is to be placed on Swale Rock, near the entrance to the whaling station at Sechart, and the other on Plubber Point, near Mosquito Harbour, scene of the big sawmill in Clayoquot Sound. The Swale Rock light is to replace one washed away during the gale of last Dec. A quantity of ironwork for use at the Pachena Point light, and supplies and stores for the different coastlighthouses will also be taken by Quadra. [Colonist, 1907-02-15]


Queen City, Captain Townsend, returned last night from Clayoquot and way ports of the West Coast Vancouver Island with 18 passengers and scant freight. The passengers included Captain Anderson, of the Sechart iron mine, and a number of loggers from Clayoquot. News was brought by Queen City that the whaler Orion had returned to the Sechart station bringing a sperm whale taken off the island coast. This is the 5th whale of this valuable species taken by the Pacific Whaling Co since the industry was inaugurated. It is seldom that sperm whales are taken this far North, the species being usually found in the tropics. 
Dominion Government Steamer Quadra was at Clayoquot engaged in lighthouse work. She is to return shortly to carry a number of gas beacons North. 
Sealing Schooner Otto, Captain Byers, was still at Dodger’s Cove, awaiting a crew. Queen City will sail again for the West Coast tomorrow night, going as far as Kyuquot to land a cargo of lumber and supplies and 50 workmen for the building of the new whaling station. [Colonist, 1907-03-06]


B H Fraser, Engineer of the Marine Department at Ottawa, is in the city, having arrived on Thurs night, to look into the construction work to be carried on in this province. He said he was now looking over the local situation, and it was possible that other work than that scheduled will be carried out on this coast. Among other works planned is the construction of a first-class coast lighthouse and fog alarm station, which will be perhaps the best on the Vancouver Island coast, to be established at Estevan Point, near Hesquiat. A site for this has been cleared. The light will be of the order of the Pachena Point lighthouse, but the tower will be higher. It is likely that this work will not be carried out until next summer. [Colonist, 1907-06-15]

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