Do You Have a Photo of Me Mid-1978?

Do You Have a Photo of Me Mid-1978?

– Rand Grant (relief keeper on Triple Island June – July 1978)

Melville Island - looking NW from Triple - photo Rand Grant (Flickr)

The story is in reference to the photo at right, Rand writes: 

The large Island is Melville. Prince Rupert lies just beyond this. The tanker is on it’s way into Prince Rupert Port. One of the deepest and busiest on the west coast of British Columbia. 

One evening back in ’78 [while stationed on Triple Island], I noticed an Alaskan Cruise ship on it’s way by. I walked up to the roof; it was a beautiful summer evening; I was curious, so started waving my arms over my head, back and forth. I actually witnessed that ship light-up with so many flash-bulbs that it made me laugh. 

Triple Island at dusk - photo Jeannie Nielson

So, if there is anyone out there who took an Alaskan Cruise back in the summer of 1978, and has a photo of a lonely lighthouse keeper waving his arms, I’d really be interested in seeing a copy of it. 

Editor’s note – If someone actually has a photo of this lightkeeper on the roof of Triple Island off Prince Rupert, BC, please contact me  for Rand’s address. I would like a copy too! – JC 

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