Lighthouse History – 31 (1907-08-16 to 1908-03-06)

Lighthouse History – 31 (1907-08-16 to 1908-03-06)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: ”Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


Tees, Captain Townsend, is being kept extremely busy. She arrived at 6pm on Wed and after disembarking her passengers and their effects went to the outer dock to discharge her cargo of whale oil and fertilizer. Returning to the Canadian Pacific Railway dock yesterday morning she spent the day loading cargo for Quatsino and way ports and left last night, well filled with passengers for the various ports of call on West Coast Vancouver Island. 
Those who sailed on Tees included: Mrs Jackson and family, Mrs Williams and family, Mrs Leech and family, Miss Ward, Mrs Weiger and daughter, E Sharples, W Garrard, Leo Waugh, Mrs Lindsay, Miss Smith, J Hawthorne, Tainer, L Peabody, R Clark, Charles Lay, Mrs Swartout, B W Bailey, Miss Dixon, Miss Woods, S J Bennison, C B Garrison, H C Newton, J O Cameron, M A Ward, H Chamberlain, C C Scott, Mr Garrard and wife, H R Swains and wife, M Waring, J C Buckle, D R Swift, Messrs Blackwood and William Columbus. 
The lantern for a new lighthouse at Pachena Point is on the way to the coast and is expected to be installed shortly. [Colonist, 1907-08-16]


When Hon Mr Templeman went to the West Coast yesterday morning by way of Alberni he took a handsome piece of silver plate presented by the government to Mrs Minnie Patterson, Wife of lighthousekeeper at Cape Beale, in recognition of her heroism in connection with the rescue of Captain Allison and 9 men forming the crew of the American bark Caloma, wrecked off Cape Beale Dec 9, 1906. [Colonist, 1907-09-20]


Tees, Captain Townsend, returned from Clayoquot and way ports, and Steamer Maude, onetime passenger Steamer on the island coast, now chartered to the Marine Department to carry building material and lighthouse supplies to the new lighthouses under construction, from Estevan Point and Lennard I. Tees brought 400 barrels of whale oil and 50T of fertilizer. A shipment of 500 cases of salmon from the Clayoquot cannery was also included. 
Fog has been hampering the whaler Orion of late, and only 3 or 4 whales were taken last week, while Saint Lawrence of Narrow Cut Creek stn at Kyuquot, has been absent from the hunting grounds having been beached at Ucluelet to have a new propellor shipped, which was successfully accomplished and the vessel taken back to Kyuquot to resume work. 
When Saint Lawrence broke her propellor, she had killed a sulphur-bottom 90′ in length and this was being made fast alongside to be towed to the stn, when the head swung in and snapped one of the blades f the prop as well as breaking the tip of another. 
While Orion was hunting during thick weather, a whale was killed, but the Steamer failed to recover it when she went to take it in tow. The whale was killed in the morning and after being inflated in the usual way, was left while the vessel went after another one. The 2nd one was killed and with this in tow Orion went to pick up that killed during the morning, but failed to find it. 
Among passengers of Tees were S Reid of Clayoquot, Captain Anderson of Sechart, C G McLean of Ucluelet, Mrs Worster and Mrs Williams of Port San Juan, Herbert Cuthbert of the Victoria Tourist Assn, who has been visiting Alberni, Dr Wilson of Victoria, returning from Alberni, J Dwyer of Port Renfrew and William Cox and F H Jones from Alberni. 
Steamer Maude which returned from Estevan Point, reported that the weather off the coast has enabled the vessel to lie in the open anchored off the coast near Estevan and Lennard I for 2 weeks. The 60,000′ of lumber, taken for the buildings being erected for the wireless telegraph and fog alarm stn at Estevan Point was rafted ashore satisfactorily, and work is progressing on the Station The tramway is complete from the landing place to thelighthouse stn, a distance of about 4 miles, and horses are engaged hauling the material to the new buildings. Sixty tons of coal was taken for the lighthouse at Lennard I, and this was boated ashore. Maude will lad another cargo of material for the West Coast light stn [Colonist, 1907-09-21]


Steamer Cascade, which is engaged in carrying stores to British Columbia lighthouses, returned from West Coast after supplying Pachena, Cape Beale and Carmanah Point lights with coal and stores. During the voyage an accident occurred which almost resulted in 4 of the Steamer’s crew being lost. 
A boat’s crew from Cascade formed by R Jackson, James Wright, James Sayward, and the Japanese cook, left to go into Port San Juan at 1:30pm. As the boat was crossing the bar it was swamped and capsized. The 4 men were in the water for over 20 minutes clinging desperately to the upturned boat. 
…2 loggers put off with a dory and took off the drenched men. Captain Kirkendale had in the meantime seen their predicament from Cascade, and put out another boat which was hurrying to their assistance. The loggers turned over the rescued men… The saved men are most thankful to the unknown rescuers who went away without making themselves known… 
Owing to the heavy swell running at Carmanah the Steamer was unable to land more than 5T of coal there. [Colonist, 1907-10-08]


Quadra was to have sailed for Ucluelet and other ports and lighthouses but when the hour came for sailing the steward could not be found… Captain Gaudin, Agent of Marine, will leave by Quadra on a tour of inspection and will superintend the housing of the Banfield Creek lifeboat and inauguration of the life-saving service. He will also endeavor to secure a crew for the Ucluelet surf lifeboat. Surf boats were placed at Ucluelet and Clo-oose some months ago and efforts were made to secure crews of Indians for them at the rate of $15 per month, which the Indians would not accept. It is probable that the surfboat placed at Banfield, will be taken to Clayoquot. [Colonist, 1908-01-07]


Advices have been received by Marine Department that R Daykin of Carmanah Point has found a lifebuoy on the beach 4 miles East of Carmanah Point lighthouse, marked L A Homer, of London. [Colonist, 1908-01-26]


More steamers are constantly being equipped with wireless telegraphic apparatus… 
Since the recent establishment of the wireless telegraph stn at Victoria and on West Coast Vancouver Island the shipping community has found the communication of considerable advantage… 
A strange circumstance in connection with the working of the wireless telegraphic apparatus is reported. Mrs Paterson, of Cape Beale, recently, when telephoning from Cape Beale lighthouse, heard plainly the Morse signals of a message telegraphed by wireless at Pachena… [Colonist, 1908-03-05]


Since the recent establishment of wireless telegraph station at Victoria and on West Coast Vancouver Island the shipping community has found the communication of considerable advantage… a strange circumstance in connection with the working of the wireless telegraphic apparatus on West Coast Vancouver Island is reported Mrs Paterson of Cape Beale recently, when telephoning from Cape Beale lighthouse, heard plainly the Morse signals of a message telegraphed by wireless telegraph operator at Pachena. The message had evidently been intercepted by the telephone wire and conducted to Cape Beale… [Colonist, 1908-03-06]

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