Lighthouse Quotations

Lighthouse Quotations

I wasn’t going to do this page because there are not too many lighthouse quotations out there. The only two good ones I found were: 

Lighthouses are more helpful than churches. – Benjamin Franklin


I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve. – George Bernard Shaw

Does anybody know of anymore? Send them on and I can add them here, and give you a credit for finding them.


Then a few BC lighthouse keepers started posting fantastic prose on their Facebook pages, so I asked if I could post it here – permissions granted. Enjoy!

Hmmm, you turn on one of your favorite tunes and this feeling starts to germinate inside you, something is happening to you as this feeling builds stronger and stronger trying to persuade you to release it as the song penetrates your creative soul. You feel a small urge to turn up the volume, you start to move to the beat of the song, you head starts to bob, this uncontrolable feeling gets stronger the louder you increase the volume….then it happens…..You BURST into dance, dancing around the house releasing the creative energy that has over taken you, you give it your all as you sing to your heart’s content and do dance moves you forgot you knew how to do. As you let this energy go you start to feel a new feeling, content, peace, happiness…. proves that all it takes is a little song and dance to enjoy today. So c’mon, give me your song and dance. Harvey Humchitt – Cape Scott – FB 20111115


Wind, changing the weather pattern and keeping me awake. Wind does not howl like in so many stories. It whistles in the poorly fitted windows in my living room. The pitch rises and falls like some crazed, high-pitched yodeling. Outside it rushes through the trees, leaving behind a roar of white noise. Around the tower the noise of it is like some great slow fluttering with a pulse measured in minutes. Wind, in all its dark night cacophony drives me from my bed……… Dennis Ray Rose – Addenbroke Island – 20111121


The day was a mild, dry winter day, the sun shone brightly all afternoon. There was a light breeze over the water from the Northwest that kept a low hanging fog off the station. I looked over the horizon, and with the blue sky in the background I could see a local fisherman off in the distant west, working hard as they pulled their nets across the sea for its bounty. I closed my eyes for a moment as I felt the cool air caress my face, the scent of the clean ocean spray tickled my nose. A cry from a Bald Eagle pierces the air and catches my attention, as I gaze towards the sky I discover that there is not one, but a whole family of eagles. My heart took flight as my soul shared the skies with these magestic creatures….. I dedicate this moment  . . . to everyone who shared a special moment in a place that was so great. This moment shows that even tho the building is gone, the area is still as magical and memorable as ever.Harvey Humchitt – Cape Scott – FB 20111207


A welcoming day greets you with the warmth of the sun on your face, the smell of fresh evergreens that were recently washed by mother natures cleansing rain mixed with the refeshing scent from the ocean. The only beat that can be heard is the heart beat of the ocean as it gently beats on the shores below. Now thats a breakfast for any soul. Winter 2012

Harvey Humchitt – Cape Scott- FB 20120111


The air is calm and the skies are turning grey. Off shore seabirds that live in our offshore waters have moved closer to land. A banket of dark clouds fills the horizon and sheets of showers can be seen in the distance over the waters, a change in the wind says I. The seas start to rise with a rythmic beat like the breath of mother nature, the gentle breeze becomes puffs of wind. The little song birds scurry within the bushes looking for a safe haven from the winds. A few hours pass and the winds have increased in strength, the seas are now capped with white caps and each gust of wind takes your breath away a little more. The Whitecaps now completely cover the sea and gusts of wind pulls off a whisper of wave. A few more hours pass and the winds are now a raging torent, trees struggle to stand tall in the gusts, huge swells pound relentlessly on the rocky shores below, each echoing their arrival with deep thunderous crashes. Your ability to breath has been made impossible as the wind steals your breath with every gust. You struggle to make headway against the wind as each gust knocks you down like a bully in a schoolyard, waves of seaspray cover the shores from the water passed the highest points of the bending trees. *SNAP!!!*CRACKLE*POP*CRASH* A tree looses its battle with the wind and falls to its death. Saltwater becomes a percentage of mixture in the rain and can be tasted on your lips, pounding rain no longer falls verticaly but horizontaly. Pelting showers driven by the hurricane force winds, pressure wash the sides of the buildings. Crashing debris pound and clank, the walls creek and crack, the windows bend and strain as they struggle to keep from breaking, the house shakes as each gust hits like a fright train loaded with lead, the pressure in your ears constantly pops with each gust as the atmospheric pressure changes rapidly. Then……..like the temper tantrum of a young child, the winds calm to a slight whisper, the storm has exhasted its powers and has retreated. For now, we have been spared……….. the silence is broken with a broadcast from a Coast Guard Radio Station……..warning of yet another storm.Harvey Humchitt – Cape Scott – FB 20120124

Aren’t those good? I really like the description of the wind. Who knew it? Poetic lighthouse keepers!

See some more on Lighthouse Poetry.

I will post more as I find them.

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