Canadian Coast Guard 50th Anniversary

Canadian Coast Guard 50th Anniversary

On January 26, 2012 the Canadian Coast Guard will proudly celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Special celebrations will be held at Coast guard bases across Canada. There is a also Calendar of Events running from January to July 2012.

There is even a Facebook page advertising the event.

According to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Press Release page:

The Golden Jubilee Web Site also features the history of the Canadian Coast Guard, information on its plans for the future, a selection of wallpapers, as well as a calendar of events. Throughout the year, photos and videos will be added to the Web site, as well as to Canadian Coast Guard social media sites.


There is a special webpage on the Canadian Coast Guard website.



There are also a special set of wallpapers for your computer screensaver available here.

A new Canadian postage stamp will also be issued with a photo of one of the CG ice breakers. Date of issue not announced yet (Jan. 20, 2012)
A new Canadian fifty dollar ($50) bill will also be issued to commemorate the event.
But in all those 50 years they have not issued uniforms to the lighthouse keepers!

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.


  1. I agree!!!!!
    Lighthouse keepers should be identifiable for help, questions,directions etc. A crest//logo on dress & work clothes mandatory at all times.Neat, professional

  2. Perhaps special headgear would suffice, like an Engine-man’s cap.

    Find a situation where identification via a uniform is necessary and you are half-way to an answer.

    1. Thanks William – good suggestion. A situation comes to mind on the publicly accessible lighthouses – lots of visitors! Who is identifiably in charge?

  3. I bought a t-shirt last year. Out of my own pocket, but it does say “Coast Guard” on it.

    I’m not, honestly sure what I’d do with a uniform. Like, where would I wear it?

    I’m finding it a little hard to take that they’re spending all this money on celebrations and are still cutting back MCTS though.

    1. Imagine the ship’s crew without uniforms. It would be hard to tell who was crew and who was passenger. Uniforms would show that the Coast Guard recognizes you as employees of Coast Guard. Right now you are a work force in blue jeans, like all other unclassified workers. Just my humble opinion.

      1. I see that you mean, but I’m going with the idea that we’re the lightkeeper because we’re the only ones out here. With a ship, there’s an immediate need for that kind of hierarchy. On the lights, everyone knows everyone else, and who they are.

        Plus I probably wouldn’t wear it. It would probably be polyester and some colour that would pick up a stain too easily.

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