Mise Tales Two

Mise Tales Two

I did not think that Mise Tales Two would come out so soon. If you do not know what Mise Tales is then please see Mise Tales One.

January 25, 2012

Entrance Island from the webcam


I received a comment today from Len O’Hara at the Gabriola Georgia Strait Cam website. He said:


I just wanted to let you know that we have a live-streaming camera over Entrance Island (lighthouse) and the Georgia Strait. The camera returns to Entrance Island every tour. We also have a good video of the Coast Guard hovercraft rounding Entrance Island in our Community section under By The Sea.

Len hoped that I would find it interesting. I did, and will, and hope that you will too. I am viewing it in the night right now and you can see the flash from the lighthouse. Just imagine if you were a boat on the water – comforting flash is it not?

You never know, you might even see some killer whales going by in the daylight. BC Ferries to Nanaimo goes right by there.

Are there any other webcams on the British Columbia Coast? Please let us know.

Later. Oops, I didn’t look – there is a link on the website to some more webcams. If you know of any others not listed, please let us know.


 January 20, 1012

This second bit of Mise comes from the Toronto Star Mobile edition online. It is labelled:


Eighteen months ago, the government designated 541 lighthouses across the country as “surplus to operations,” and a May deadline looms for communities to bid to take them over so that Ottawa will no longer have to maintain them.

The process starts with “friends” of any lighthouse nominating it for heritage status by May, and then finding someone willing to care for it by 2015.

Those left unclaimed will be sold to the highest bidder or torn down — a consequence that has lighthouse and heritage advocates concerned.

By last month 87 lighthousesout of 541 had been nominated, but only 22 ownership applications had been submitted for consideration – more on the website here.

Fisheries and Oceans website – Table of Active Lighthouses Declared Surplus

Parks Canada Website – Heritage Lighthouses of Canada

As of 20 January 2012, 95 lighthouses have been nominated for designation under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act. – Parks Canada

Check out the Directory of Federal Real Property where . . .

. . . you may view a description of the lighthouse on the website.


The next is a cartoon and I cannot put a date on it. It has been sitting on my computer waiting for the right time. I guess this is it.

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