Lighthouse History – 38 (1910-11-30 to 1911-06-25)

Lighthouse History – 38 (1910-11-30 to 1911-06-25)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: ”Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


After a rough passage from West Coast Vancouver Island Tees returned to port yesterday with 60 passengers from Holberg and other ports of the island coast. News was brought by Tees that the little tug bought a short time ago by Captain Milliken, of Alberni, suffered severely during a heavy gale on Sun night, her deckhouses being swept away and a deckload of lumber lost when enroute to Ucluelet from Alberni. Tees was tied up 4 times during the voyage owing to heavy weather, sheltering at Tofino during the gale of Sun night. Among passengers were Mr Britton, timber cruiser from Holberg, J Pearson, of the New Vancouver Coal Co, from Quatsino, J W Jones, who is working a copper property at Sydney Inlet, J Killeen, resident Engineer of the Marine and Fisheries dept, who has been overlooking construction work at the lighthouse being built at Nootka. The cargo included a shipment of salmon from Toquart and 54 drums of whale oil from the Kyuquot whaling station [Colonist, 1910-11-30]


Leebro, Captain Hunter, is back in port bringing the motor lifeboat from Banfield Creek. Resident Engineer H C Killeen, of the Marine Dept, who made the round trip, reports that the lighthouse bing constructed at Nootka is practically completed, and the lantern will be placed in position in a few days. Leebro has been on West Coast Vancouver Island for 16 days, and encountered much rough weather. [Colonist, 1911-02-11]


Lighthouse planned for Cape Cook – 1st order light to be placed, proposed to be of same style as that at Estevan… The new lighthouse, with a 3rd order light, erected at Friendly Cove was visited. It is erected on San Rafael I, one of the San Miguel group, where the Spaniards built a fort in 1789 armed with 16 guns. The only sign apparent today of the old fort is a brick-lined well, sunk by the Spaniards nearby. In 1859 a Russian silver dollar, inscribed Catherine II, 1775, was found about 1′ below the surface on the site of the fort. This was picked up by Indians preparing a potato patch, and was brought to Victoria by Captain McKay in Schooner Morning Star. [Colonist, 1911-03-09, p. 14]


Tees, Captain Gillam, which reached port yesterday brought news that the sealing Schooner Jessie has arrived at Hesquiat after her cruise on the California coast with a small catch. Tees sighted no American fishing vessels, they having seemingly deserted the coast since the protection service was started. 
On her way up the West Coast Vancouver Island Tees took 40 landseekers into the Quatsino dist. Southbound she had as passengers: W Christensen, J B Johnson, T Pearson, of Quatsino coal property; A Macauley, of the June Group of mines; W Graham, game warden; Mrs J Noot, Mrs Pollock, H Crews, Professor B Christensen and son, from Quatsino; C Jones, G Rawlinson and wife, Kyuquot; Rev Father Brabant, Hesquiat; Frank MacDonald, Mosquito Harbour; Rev C Vandervine, Ucluelet; J Cannon, T Russell, from the new lighthouse at Friendly Cove; J Hillier, operator at Toquart; Messrs Earl and Elliott from the Bamfield cable stn; O Olson, A G King, J W W Benson, Sechart; Mr Dunbright and wife from Port Renfrew and Messrs Dodds, Mann, Pool and Sunderland. [Colonist, 1911-03-28]


Steamer Leebro leaves this morning laden with 1 years supplies for all the lighthouses and Triangle I off the West Coast Vancouver Island, and Steamer Newington will leave tomorrow with the stores for lighthouses of West Coast Vancouver Island between Race Rocks and Kyuquot. They will be well laden with everything from sacks of potatoes to drums of oil. [Colonist, 1911-06-25]

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