Triple Island – Inside the Lighthouse – 2012

Triple Island – Inside the Lighthouse – 2012

Triple Island


In June 22, 2011 I published an article about the Triple Island 3rd order lens which has now been replaced with a flashlight (see the article).

I have never spent any work time on Triple Island, but I have landed there once or twice with the Coast Guard helicopters as a passenger. I never did have any time to explore.

Triple Island - distant from Prince Rupert

There are two lighthouse keepers on Triple Island who rotate every twenty-eight (28) days with two other keepers. I always wondered what it would be like to live there in this day and age.

One of the keepers, my friend Glenn Borgens, has sent me some wonderful photos of the inside of the Triple Island lighthouse that I am going to share with you. For twenty-eight days, it looks like a comfortable place to live and work.

The tower is on four levels – lantern room (covered in the article mentioned above), keepers quarters and office, fog alarm room/generator room and laundry,  and ground floor. 

Keeper’s Quarters and Office (top floor)  – below the old Main Light 

Community Room and Office, leading off to the Kitchen

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Fog Alarm Room/Generator Room and Laundry Room – situated below the Keepers Quarters..

Fog Alarm Room and Workshop

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Ground Floor – Storage, Diesel Oil, Helicopter Pad

Ground Floor - stairs leading UP! All supplies go this way - groceries, books, household goods, fridge . . .

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What can you see from Triple Island? It is located quite a distance from the coast – water, water, everywhere . . . well, not quite, at least on a relatively clear day you can see . . .

A view towards Digby Island and Prince Rupert on a winter's day.

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Triple Island is designated as a Heritage Lighthouse and so is protected from destruction. Some day the keepers may not be there, but hopefully the lighthouse continues. Hopefully!

[private] 00:30 6/2 hiya, the main building is three floors, bottom floor is freezers, a fridge, wood storage, staff lockers, furnace room. 00:32 6/2 second floor is engine room and laundry and workshop. Also on that floor is the old fog air tanks and the compressors. 00:32 6/2 third floor is living quarters. hope this helps/[/private]

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.


    1. Hi Mark. You can thank Glenn Borgens for those photos. He is the Senior keeper out there on the other shift from your Dad. And tell your Dad to get busy and send me some photos too. Each photographer has a different perspective.

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