Lighthouse History – 41 (1912-09-05 to 1914-12-30)

Lighthouse History – 41 (1912-09-05 to 1914-12-30)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: ”Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


Dominion Government Steamer Quadra is loading supplies for the lighthouses of West Coast Vancouver Island, and is expected to leave about the end of the week. [Colonist, 1912-09-05]


Walbran may command Estevan… came here in 1888 with SS Islander, native of Yorkshire, England, b 1848. Educated at Ripon Grammar and served on British training frigate Conway, served in merchant marine for 11 years, and secured his master’s certificate at age 22. First ship commanded by Walbran was sailing vessel British Consul, bound from London to Bombay. He stated that it was the proudest moment of his life when he mounted the bridge of Consul at the E India docks. In 1888 he joined Canadian Pacific Navigation Co and had charge of SS Danube. On arriving on the Pacific coast with Islander, he remained in the employ of Canadian Pacific Navigation Co until 1891, and then entered service of Canadian Government as commander to superintend building of DGS Quadra at Paisley, Scotland. When she was completed, he brought her here and, with the exception of 7 mos in 1892, from 1891 to 1903, was engaged in the lighthouse, buoy and fishery service of British Columbia. Walbran has made a study of early marine history of the Canadian Pacific coast, and navigators are indebted to him for many valuable documents dealing with British Columbia waters. [Colonist, 1913-03-08, p. 15]


naturalizations – 2 of the Netherlanders are Revs William Cortouraad and Martin Ronden, Roman Catholic priests. Among the Danes are Lawrence Mickleson, a landscape gardener, Peter H Stuhr, a lighthousekeeper at Sooke and James Lassen, marine fisherman. [Colonist, 1913-04-25, p. 29]


Died Aug 10, 1913 at Victoria, British Columbia, Charles Thomas Daykin, aged 38, native of Harrow Weald, Middlesex, England. Deceased, who came to Canada 30 years ago, had been living at Jedway, QCI, coming down 4 months ago to enter Jubilee hospital. He was the eldest son of Mr W P Daykin, of Esquimalt, whose name is well known on this coast as a former keeper of Carmanah lighthouse, where another of his sons at present resides. The deceased was also for some time a miner. Pallbearers: Messrs F Maynard, G Langton, J P Walls Jr, P D Hodds, J J Baird, L Russell. T 023 E 42 [Colonist, 1913-08-09*]


Dominion Government Steamer Estevan, Captain Barnes left Victoria some 3 weeks ago, with lighthouse supplies and aids to navigation for a cruise as far North as Quatsino… Fall weather was encountered soon after clearing the Straits, and by the time the exposed points of West Coast Vancouver Island were reached the sea was so heavy that for days the crew of Estevan were unable to land supplies at Hesquiot and Quatsino. So heavy was the sea running off these points that the tender was compelled to seek shelter. 
While on her recent cruise Estevan transferred the whistling buoy from Amphitrite I to Hesquiot and brought the buoy from the latter point to this port for overhaul. At Clayoquot Sound, spar buoys were replaced by can buoys. On her South run Estevan put in at San Juan Harbour, where a gas buoy was placed in position. [Colonist, 1913-10-19]


Dominion Government Steamer lighthouse tender Estevan will clear Victoria for Ucluelet, with the lifeboat on board. Yesterday the craft was hoisted aboard and stowed on the foredeck, where it will remain until discharged at Ucluelet, where everything is in readiness for the reception, and with her arrival there will be tried out by the lifesaving crew. 
After discharging the new power boat Estevan will take the lifeboat, at present stationed there, to Clayoquot, and the surf boat now at that point, will be brought South to Clo-oose. Estevan will also establish a gas lighted beacon at Channel Rk, Barkley Sound, to replace the one which broke adrift recently in a Southeast gale. 
While away from Port Estevan will also establish a temporary white light at Amphitrite Point, to mark the point, pending the construction of a newlighthouse. The unattended light at Amphitrite was carried away last week in a gale. [Colonist, 1914-01-06]


 Plans for the new lighthouse to be established at Amphitrite Point, Ucluelet Arm, have just been received at the local offices of the Marine Dept. Work on the new structure will be started early in the new year and the contract will be rushed to completion as quickly as the weather will allow. The plans call for a reinforced concrete tower, which, when completed, will be 30′ in height. 
The tower will be surmounted by a 5th order lens, giving an adequate flashing radius for that section of the coast. Lighthouse tender Leebro will be used in transporting the construction materials from Victoria to Amphitrite Point, and it is expected that she will make her 1st trip there after the Xmas holidays. [Colonist, 1914-12-15]


Construction materials for the new lighthouse at Amphitrite Point will be taken on Leebro’s next trip North. As soon as possible after the New Year, Leebro, Captain Hunter, laden with cement and other materials that will go towards the construction of the concrete tower, will leave port for Amphitrite Point. It is expected that she will be almost exclusively engaged in transporting material to the site until such time as the structure is completed. 
Dominion Government Steamer Estevan, Captain Barnes, flagship of the fleet, is due to put to sea on Mon next with supplies for West Coast Vancouver Island. She will first proceed to Estevan to carry out some work at West Coast Vancouver Island Stations. [Colonist, 1914-12-30]

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