Lighthouse History – 44 (1916-03-26 to 1916-08-25)

Lighthouse History – 44 (1916-03-26 to 1916-08-25)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: ”Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


photo 4 sons of Fred Marshall Eastwood, who has been the lighthousekeeper at Race Rocks for 25 years. Mr Eastwood has family of 12, the oldest now left at home is only 10. Sons: J W, RCE, 3rd Div; Private E E, Signaller, 103rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force; Private J M, 1st Canadian Pioneers; Private R, 88th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. [Colonist, 1916-03-26, p. 5]


Breakwater now showing up well…; May 11, 11 – 25 cribs placed; brkwtr now showing up well…; Jul 2, 16, 17; photos Aug 20, 17 – only 80′ work uncomplete…; Sep 9, 11 – steady progress… Jan 12, 1917 – to have imposing lighthouse… Jan 28, 21 – completion of ocean docks calls for action…; Feb 11, 25 – Parfitt brothers get lighthouse contract [Ogden point breakwater]; Feb 21, 11 – Foghorn needed on new brkwtr; photo Apr 1, 25 -; will add 5,000′ to docking space; Piers nearing completion… [Colonist, 1916-04-08, p. 11]


Died Aug 24, 1916 at Victoria, British Columbia, Mrs Theresa Jane Despard Pemberton, relict (widow) of late Mr J D Pemberton, aged 74, b Dec 25, 1842, nee Grautoff. She married Mr Pemberton on Jan 2, 1864, aged 22. He was at that time Surveyor-Gen of Vancouver Island, and was on a short leave of absence in England. They left immediately for Vancouver Island, coming via Panama. The last part of the long voyage was accomplished on a side-wheel steamer, and while examining the paddle-wheel Pemberton almost lost his life. The sea through which the vessel labored up the Coast was exceptionally rough, so that the trip could hardly be designated as uneventful. It gave Mrs Pemberton her 1st experience of the difficulties that would be experienced in the new world where she had elected to make her home. Mr Pemberton had been in British Columbia some years before his return to England, having 1st left his home to accept the surveyor-generalship in 1851. He was sent to Vancouver Island by Hudson’s Bay Company. One of the 1st surveying expeditions he was sent upon was one to Saanich, where coal was supposed to have been discovered. The journey was made in an Indian canoe in company with 5 Fr-Cdns who acted as guides. The mine was found to contain only lignite. While in office Mr Pemberton designed the Race rocks and Fisguard lighthouses. In 1887, with his son, F B Pemberton, he founded Pemberton & Son, which has ever since been recognized as one of the leading real estate and insurance concerns in British Columbia… he built the 1st schoolhouse in Victoria…./ph. Aug 27, 7 – funeral – honorary pallbearers: Hon W J Macdonald, A W Vowell, C F Cornwall, F Burrell. Active bearers: R H Pooley, L Crease, H Robertson, Colonel A W Jones, T H Laundy, H J S Muskett, A W Bridgman, F L Crawford. B 069b070 E 34 [Colonist, 1916-08-24*]


Port Alberni News – Aug 30, 1916 – On a recent trip up West Coast DGLT Newington completed repairs to Lennard I cable, near Portland Point. This cable, which establishes communication with the lighthouse on Lennard I, has been out of commission for some time, having been damaged from time to time by wave action. 
This cable happened to be out of commission at the time of Carelmapu went ashore last year. It is established at that point mainly for the reporting of vessels in distress that may be sighted by the lightkeeper at Lennard I.  [Colonist, 1916-08-25]




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