Lighthouse History – 47 (1920-05-30 – 1922-09-20)

Lighthouse History – 47 (1920-05-30 – 1922-09-20)

The following extracts taken from early Victoria, British Columbia (BC) newspapers are credited to Leona Taylor for her excellent work in indexing the papers. Full information can be found here: ”Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers“, 2007-09.


photograph: Carmanah Point lighthouse, to be rebuilt this year by Marine Dept. The wooden tower shown is the old original one, which has undergone repairs from time to time, and which was 1st put in place over 40 years ago. [Colonist, 1920-05-30, p. 30]


Carmanah lighthouse tower will not be rebuilt this year. Calling for tenders was so delayed that the season has become too far advanced for the work to be one. [Colonist, 1920-10-02, p. 8]


Mrs Nead Williams has died at her Discovery Island home as the result of exposure in a dugout which reached Fiddle Reef lighthouse on Jan 16, during a storm, half-filled with water and with herself, her husband and 4 children as passengers. Lighthousekeeper McNeill, it will be remembered, loaned the unfortunate voyagers a boat to replace their frail craft, and thus made it possible for them to reach their destination safely. [Colonist, 1922-02-19, p. 6]


Died May 1, 1922 at Victoria, British Columbia, Andrew Fairfull, 63, resident here 30 yrs, native of Scotland. The sudden death of his wife this year proved a serious shock to his system. He engaged for some time as a contractor and builder, but before his retirement he was Inspector of Lighthouses on this coast for the Dominion Government. He leaves his father, James, and 4 children, and a brother and 5 sisters. Pallbearers: R Matheson, W E Ditchburn, J A Grant, C A Steele, W A Smith. M 074b075 W 08 [Colonist, 1922-03-30*]


George Henry and Mary Elizabeth Maynard celebrate 50 year anniversary. Married at Victoria Jun 22, 1872. She – daughter of George Davis, of England, who came to Canada in 1860, as lighthousekeeper, subsequently stationed at Race rocks lighthouse. He – son of Mr/Mrs Richard Maynard, formerly of Cornwall, who migrated to Canada, when their son was aged 10m. After spending 10 yrs at Bowmanville, Ontario, the family moved to Victoria, where Mrs Maynard opened a photographic studio. It is noted that the same site is now occupied by her son Albert. Richard established a shoe store, with which his eldest son George H became associated, and after many yrs founded the well-known firm, Maynard & Sons, Auctioneers. They have 4 sons, 3 daughters… [Colonist, 1922-07-02, p. 8]


Died Sep 1, 1922 at Victoria, British Columbia, Solomon Edward Harrison, 55, of Saanich, native of Victoria. Born 1869, 3rd son of late Mr/Mrs William Harrison, of Saanich. During his life he travelled over various parts of British Columbia with survey parties, being engaged in this work in Alaska, West Coast of Vancouver Island, and also through the Hazelton country under Frank Shepherd, of Nanaimo, and John Hurst, of Duncan. A brother, William Henry, who tends the Berens Island lighthouse, at the mouth of Victoria Harbour, survives Harrison. Scores of people from the west district of Saanich came to pay their last tribute, also attending were Mr Justice/Mrs Eberts. Pallbearers: A Thompson, W S Harrison, J Black, E R John, C Chisholm, E H Marcotte. Saint Stephen’s cemetery [with parents, 2 brothers and a sister]. [Colonist, 1922-09-01*]


Married Sep 19, 1922 at Victoria, British Columbia, Violet, eldest daughter of James Davies, of Carmanah lighthouse, and Alexander Allan. Attendees included Mrs G H Maynard. Will reside at Carmanah, where the groom holds a position in Government telegraph service. [Colonist, 1922-09-20*]



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