Lighthouse History – continued

Lighthouse History – continued

May 18, 2012 – Up to number fifty (#50) of these issues of the Lighthouse History, I was borrowing the information from Victoria’s Victoria, a production of the University of Victoria (UVIC) who also have Victoria, BC newspaper archives online. For now, they have stopped reprinting the Victoria, BC news from the newspapers – it goes as far as 1926.

Please Note: December 01, 2012 – I am continuing this series with Lighthouse History #51 because the newspapers have now been indexed up to 1932. I quit posting at #50 as the extracts only went to 1926. They have now been extended from 1927 to 1932 so I will sift through the data for anything lighhouse! Look for #51 soon!

This is quite an extensive collection of Victoria, BC newspapers from 1858-1926. A small history of the papers and name changes appears below.

The History of the Times Colonist and other newspapers that merged with them over the years.

British Colonist – December 11, 1858 – 1860

British Daily Colonist – 1860 – 1862

The Press 1860 plus The Chronicle 1860 became the                    Chronicle until 1862

Daily British Colonist and Morning Chronicle – 1862 – 1873

Daily British Colonist – 1873 – 1887

Victoria Daily Times June 09, 1884 – 1951

The Daily Colonist – Jan. 1, 1887 – 1951

(Colonist and Times under Victoria Press Ltd. In May, 1951)

Times-Colonist Sept. 2, 1980 with morning and evening editions

Times-Colonist dropped the evening paper   1983 –  present


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Just recently I came across The British Colonist Online Edition: 1858 – 1910 which is also searchable. From this I found a few more titbits of lighthouse history.  Victoria’s Victoria was only concerned with Victoria, BC, whereas the newspapers also listed much more of British Columbia history than just Victoria, BC.

The only problem is, the collection of the news items is in PDF format so I will have to type them out so that you can read them here.

From the PDF newspaper files I can collect an image of the news items I want, but is it readable online? I will put one in this article and will you please let me know.

What I will probably do is type out the text and also post the graphic alongside so it can be proofed.

These will also be in random order as the search engine for the word lighthouse brings the articles up in mixed order as well.  

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