Book – Last Lights: The Hand-Wound Lighthouses of the Bahamian Islands

The author of this book, Annie Potts, wrote me when I first started this new format of my website. She was enquiring if I had any source for large kerosene mantles for the three remaining Bahamas lighthouses. Unfortunately I did not know of any sources.

Just today i discovered that she had written a book on her favourite topic – the remaining Bahamian lighthouses. These lighthouses still are lit with kerosene vapour burners, travel on mercury baths and are still hand-wound – no electric motors to turn them around.

Last Lights is the first book to be published in 50 years documenting Bahamian lightstations commissioned between 1836 and 1887 by the British Imperial Lighthouse Service. Of those eleven manned lightstations built as remote outposts in the Bahama Islands, all but three have been automated and had their large Fresnel glass lenses and turning mechanisms removed.  

The author decided to photograph and write about these hand-cranked, kerosene-burning lighthouses when she learned they were threatened with automation. She hopes her book, with its stunning photographs and compelling text, will encourage their conservation, helping to maintain the living history of the Bahamian people as well as continue to provide additional navigational safety. – Martin County Library 

The book is available from, Barnes & Noble and many other sellers. make sure you get a copy for your collection!

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