Model Lighthouse Woodworking Plans

Model Lighthouse Woodworking Plans

Have you ever wanted to build your own lighthouse for a lawn display, sitting in the house, or maybe on the beach as a decoration, or how about a bird lighthouse? I received a notice about free lighthouse plans. Following the lead I came to a website that asked for US $67 for their free plans. Not really wanting to spend that much money, I started a Google Search. I found this model lighthouse below at U-Bild.com. Not a bad price either.

Lighthouse (Plan #860)

 But it does not end there. They have a Lighthouse Value Plans package that gives you three lighthouses to build – Lighthouse Plan #C159. This package includes the plan above plus the Cape Hatteras lighthouse (Plan #941) and a Small Lighthouse (Plan #908). If you only want two lighthouses, there is Plan #C145 as well. Nice deal. Send me some photos if you build one (or two or three). Also, check out all the other building plans there as well.







While searching for a larger photo of the first lighthouse model I found the page below done on Free Blueprints. It shows more lighthouse plans. Click on this LINK to see the page, and links to more lighthouse plans. Click on a photo or title to be taken to the respective site.

Enjoy! And as I said earlier, send me photos if you build any of these. We would all love to see them.


If you really do not want to make anything lighthouse, how about just buying it ready-made. Furniture Creations makes a cute wooden lighthouse birdhouse as shown at left.

I see them offered here,  and on this page many more sellers are listed.

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