Mise Tales Ten

Mise Tales Ten

For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One.

 I saw this first item and immediately liked it. It is a screen print from Marcus Walters Shop. The website says:

A two colour water based screen print – featuring Marcus Walters’ distinctive artwork. Each print is a limited edition and is signed and numbered by the artist, and hand printed in our studio on 310gsm Arboreta paper. Size: 297mm x 420mm (A3)


 Refuge visitors can take away a slice of historic lighthouse

145-year-old window panes turned into medallions

CHINCOTEAGUE — What does one do with piles of broken, historic glass?

Beth Hanback asked herself that question in 2009 after 145-year-old window panes were removed from Assateague Lighthouse’s lantern room.

“I thought, ‘Well, I can melt it down and make something out of it,'” said Hanback, executive director of the Chincoteague Natural History Association, a nonprofit group involved with lighthouse restoration.

Today, refuge visitors can purchase Hanback’s creative solution — a medallion crafted from the window panes lighthouse keepers looked through for centuries.

Located on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge property, the Assateague Lighthouse stands at 142 feet. The original and smaller version of today’s red and white brick structure was constructed in 1833.

Medallion proceeds go toward future lighthouse restoration.  More . . . 


I did say in the Forward to this website ALL things lighthouse. This is unique, different, uhhh unusual, but might fit someone’s needs. I would like one if I was going to have a gravestone. 

This stone was available from Cummings Memorials (they only had one left) in the USA, but I am posting it to show what may be available in other areas. It’s a nice idea, but I do not like the black inscription plaque.


OK, last Misc item today! Does anybody want to make a lighthouse in Pushmo, a downloadable game from Nintendo? Here is the QR code which can be used to create the lighthouse. I know it seems weird to most of you, but it is a lighthouse. If you are interested, more information is available here on the Nintendo Pushmo website.




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