Mise Tales Thirteen


For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One.


More Lighthouse Wallpaper (Photos)

There are some beautiful scenes here to light up your computer Desktop. All are free to download in small to x-large sizes.



Lighthouse Watch add-on for Firefox browser. A unique hand-drawn lighthouse scene for the Firefox browser, plus a desktop wallpaper as well. You must log-in to your Firefox Add-ons account to install and store it on your computer.



Most of us have heard of Fresnel lenses which are used as a magnifier for the lighting apparatus in a lighthouse. Can you think of any other uses for a Fresnel lens? I was amazed when I read the passage below. So many uses! So, for your information:

The first Fresnel lens was installed in 1823 in the Cordouan lighthouse, where its beam was visible for 32 km. Since then, this lens design has been used in lighthouses, traffic lights, automobile headlights, magnifying glasses, cameras, and more. Compared to a conventional lens design of comparable aperture and focal length, a Fresnel lens requires less mass and volume, allowing it to be thinner and flatter, capturing more oblique light from a light source. – Advanced Optical Materials

Most of those items listed above are in everyday use, and yet we never associate them with the lighthouse Fresnel lens.

The rest of the article above is highly technical, but the above paragraph will make you think twice when you again see a traffic light.


Back on April 09, 2012 I wrote One Room Available on April 19th – Saugerties Lighthouse. On August 01, 2012 I came across this article on the TripAdvisor website called TripAdvisor Checks In With Ten Of The Quirkiest Lodgings In America. I wrote and asked them if I could reprint the article, but unlike most websites, I heard nothing back either positive or negative, so I am borrowing a few words from the article.

Number 4 on their list of quirky lodgings was the Saugerties lighthouse. I thought it was pretty unique too, and occasionally see news that a room is available for a certain night. It certainly is booked up. From the TripAdvisor story:

4. Saugerties Lighthouse, Saugerties, New York – Average Nightly Rate: $132
Located on a serene shoal along the Hudson River, this lighthouse once served as a landmark and home for the building’s keeper until its closure in 1954. Decades later, the lighthouse reopened as an inn with the purpose of hosting travelers passing through the Catskill Mountains. Open Thursday-Sunday year-round, travelers are able to enjoy the lighthouse’s two rustic guest rooms and stunning views of the river and surrounding mountains. One TripAdvisor traveler commented, “Had a wonderful weekend staying in the lighthouse. Breathtaking views and great hosts.”


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