Legoland Lighthouses

Legoland Lighthouses

Legoland lighthouse

 Probably most of you have heard of Legoland Parks. Like the Disney parks, they seem to be all over the world, but the one I am going to speak about is Legoland Park California at 1 Legoland Drive, Carlsbad, California, 92008, USA 


Legoland Interactive Park Map

 I have mentioned Lego lighthouses as model kits before in posts, but in this park there are large lighthouse replicas – one of mention is in the New England Harbour area (see the interactive map at the left).


The park is huge, and it usually requires more than one day to see all the attractions. My son visited the park with his family last year (2011) and said they loved it – adults and kids alike! More photos in the gallery below.


A nine-foot tall dinosaur made completely out of Lego blocks stands tall and proud. Welcome to LEGOLAND, one of Southern California’s most imaginative and colorful theme park. Visitors of all ages are invited to discover 50 thrilling rides and experience LEGOLAND’s Dino Island and the Fun Town Fire Academy.

All photos in the Gallery courtesy of my son, Graham Coldwell.

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