Mise Tales Eighteen


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Build a Redstone Lighthouse in Minecraft

This article may be a bit outside the scope of this website, but then maybe not.

Everybody loves a lighthouse, whether it is on the sea, in your garden or in your computer as is this PC/Mac program called Minecraft. This may not be to everybody’s interest but I am sure there are a few of my readers out there who play the game and might be interested.

I have never explored Minecraft, but a short description will more than help you understand the fascination. I might even give it a try. You all know my fascination with Lego!

Minecraft: What The Hell It Is

The literal description: Minecraft is a first-person, free to play indie PC/Mac game created by one person, with crafting, building and exploration at its center. The graphics are straight out of 1991. There are no characters and there is no story. There are none of the “production values” that define gaming these days, but within those narrow confines lies one of the most innovative and endlessly fascinating game in existence… and it’s still in Alpha.

While there are various versions and builds available out, there are three basic play-modes to Minecraft: Single Player Creative, Multiplayer Creative, and Single Player Survival. All three plop you down into a huge, open world, filled with different natural resources you can exploit and bend to your will.

Single Player Creative mode is like an infinite LEGO set. You can create fantastic structures out of basic building blocks all day if you’d like. You can try it out for free, in-browser, right here. Multiplayer Creative is the same deal, with others. – g4tv.com

So, here is a short video on how to build a Minecraft lighthouse:

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny5JxKwRtnI” width=”400″ height=”350″]

Houses on Cape San Blas and the Cape St. George respectfully to be the following materials dimensions description:


The towers are to be built of hard brick, the form round, the foundation to be sunk 18 inches or more as maybe necessary to make the fabric secure and set on cypress or cedar of 4 inches thickness the height of the tower is to be sixty five feet from the surface of the ground. more. . .


History of Makapu’u Beach and Lighthouse, Hawaii

Did you know that Makapu’u Point rises 647 feet above the ocean? It was created by many lava flows thousands of years ago. This Lighthouse is one of Oahu’s most famous landmarks with a spectacular view of the Eastern Ka `Iwi coastline. The 46 foot tall lighthouse was first built in 1909 and then automated in 1974. It has the largest lens anywhere in the United States! more . . . 


 Lighthouse to be illuminated again for guests 


ROOM WITH A VIEW The spectacular and historic lighthouse on Clare Island, which was built in 1808

Iconic Clare Island [Ireland] landmark to open its doors next May [2013]

by Áine Ryan

For decades it provided a comforting beacon for sailors battling with the whims of the Atlantic, now it is set to be an oasis for visitors who desperately crave a break from the grim monotony of the daily grind. Where better to escape, then, than a lighthouse teetering on magnificent cliffs on the edge of an island in County Mayo. 
Welcome, Fáilte, Wilkommen to the Clare Island Lighthouse, which will be opened in the coming months as an atmospheric and unique Bed and Breakfast. And all courtesy of some serious brain-storming by owner Goesta Fischer and his business partner, Roie McCann. more . . .