Mise Tales Twenty-One


For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One.

Lighthouses in a Bottle

I have heard of ships in a bottle but never lighthouses in a bottle until I came across the photo at the left. It has been sitting on my computer for ages and I forgot where it came from.

Doing a Google Image Search I came up with Village Crafstmen and lots more lighthouses in a bottle – some multiple ones as the photo on the right shows.

Their address and contact information is on their website.


Fancy a Break in a Lighthouse?


Blackhead Lighthouse

#Lighthouses – January 28, 2013 – Ever fancied a break staying in a lighthouse, away in some remote stretch of coastline, then look no further.

The Irish Landmark Trust, have five such lighthouse properties dotted around the coast in which the public can rent on self-catering basis.

Get to experience breath-taking views and stunning backdrops from these beautifully restored lighthouses. To view further details of each lighthouse and how to make a booking, click the links below.

Click for more . . .

Blackhead Lighthouse, Whitehead in Co. Antrim Lightkeepers House One  AND  Lightkeepers House Two

Galley Head Lighthouse, Clonakilty, Co Cork Lightkeepers House One  AND Lightkeepers House Two

Loop Head Lighthouse, Kilbaha, Co. Clare

Wicklow Lighthouse, Dunbar Head, Co. Wicklow

For information about the role of the Irish Landmark Trust, whose remit is to save interesting and unusual ‘landmark’ properties throughout the island of Ireland, and to re-use them, once restored, as good quality self-catering holiday accommodation visit:http://www.irishlandmark.com/about/about-us.aspx 


Where Is the Tallest Lighthouse? Wonder #846 Jan. 26, 2013

Today’s Wonder of the Day will help light your way!

So where is the tallest lighthouse? That might seem like an easy question, but there’s actually some controversy about what should be considered a lighthouse. For example, some tall structures incorporate lights that can be used as beacons for navigation.

Jeddah Light in Saudi Arabia stands 436 feet tall and has a credible claim as the tallest lighthouse in the world. Other challengers include the 348-foot-tall Yokohama Marine Tower in Japan and the 352-foot-tall Perry Memorial Monument in Ohio. Neither the Yokohama Marine Tower nor the Perry Memorial Monument, however, were built for the specific purpose of being a traditional lighthouse, so some dispute their claims. . . . more

A Lighthouse in Portugal

When I saw this image I thought it had to be faked but not so. A good telephoto lens will condense an image like this. This is a lighthouse in Nazare, Portugal. The event was that surfer Garrett McNamara was trying to break/breaking the world record for surfing the highest wave on January 29, 2013. But look, it is a picture of a lighthouse too! Everything is real. Here is a photo of the actual lighthouse from InMyViewPhotography.com.



Garden Treasures Lighthouse Fountain

What a unique item to add to your garden! Order me one too!  😛 This fountain is 33.25″ tall and 14.5″ wide (84.5 x 36.8 cms) and made of resin for your outdoor pleasure. The description says it includes UL rated pump with adjustable water flow. One review says:

This is a very easy setup item. Fill with water up to the three small holes at the bottom and plug it in! – Has a top solar light that is additionally attractive and easy to set up.

Let me know in the comments if you order one, and if you are pleased with it. 

PS I did a Google Search and found a few more interesting varieties too.

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