Mise Tales Twenty-Four

Mise Tales Twenty-Four


For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One.

August 07, 2013 – August 7th every year is National lighthouse Day! Please mark it on your calendars so that you can track events next year. Yes, I know, I missed it too! SorrY!

National Lighthouse Day not only commemorates the 1789 act but honors and celebrates the lighthouse – a beacon of light that symbolizes safety and security for ships at sea. – from blog.calendars.com


Torn paper ArtTorn Paper Collage Art of Beaches & Sea

Interesting way of creating art – cheap, and very creative!

Massachusetts artist Wanda Edward puts little pieces of paper together to create unique torn paper collage art of beaches and sea. I can’t stop looking at the collages! They are simply magnificent! Similar to a mosaic, torn paper collage art is a composition of small segments. Wanda uses bits of handmade and hand-painted papers, rice paper, book pages, and maps. “The papers are given a pattern and color in advance, but once the piece begins, it relies solely on the colors of the paper,” Wanda says. “You look at the large image first, then you move into the many other layers that create that image.” So take a close look! There’s lots to discover.

Buy Torn paper Collage Art at Ocean Offerings, and other selected stores and galleries listed on Artist Website.


 From Facebook page Space.com:

This year, the Perseid meteor shower is expected to reach its peak overnight on Monday (Aug. 12), and here are some key tips to keep in mind for your “shooting stars” viewing. http://oak.ctx.ly/r/9ibi

Perseid showersAstrophotographer Jeff Berkes sent in a photo of Perseid meteors taken at East Point Lighthouse in southern New Jersey, August 2012.

A very nice view of meteors (falling stars) in a timelapse video from Denny Island, BC which was posted on Vimeo.


Saybrook Breakwater LightWhy Aren’t You Buying These Lighthouses Yet? Time Is Running Out

The minutes are ticking away, friend, and with them your chance to buy one of two New England lighthouses currently for sale and live in it, like an old retired sea captain or a pirate’s ghost. What the hell are you waiting for?


lighthouse-building-proposalKings Cross Lighthouse Building refurbishment begins to gear up

I never even knew this building existed in London, England. It seems they are planning:

‘Demolition of existing ground plus three storey building with retention and refurbishment of the facades and “lighthouse” structure at 285-297 Pentonville Road and 372-380 Gray’s Inn Road; 

lighthouse buildingA quote from metro.co.uk says:

Sandwiched between two converging roads – Pentonville Road and Gray’s Inn Road – opposite King’s Cross railway station perched on top of a narrow building, sometimes referred to as the flatiron building (it shares a similar footprint to the iconic Manhattan block), stands an architectural folly some people think of as a windmill or lighthouse. . . .

. . . It has looked much as it does today since 1884 but its date of building and original purpose are unknown.

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.