What a Beautiful Picture of a Lighthouse – NOT!

What a Beautiful Picture of a Lighthouse – NOT!

Ketchikan_AlaskaSometimes when researching an article or photo I come across a beautiful picture of a lighthouse that I just must have for my collection, screensaver, or . . . you know the feeling.

Well, I received a PowerPoint file (.PPS) the other day in an email and it had a lot of photos of European towns, as well as two lighthouse photos (photos 11 and 44 in the PPS file) – the one above, and the one at the bottom of this article. 

I was curious where.the lighthouse photos above and below were located as the PPS file had no information on any of the fifty-seven (57) photos, so using Google Image Search I pasted a copy of the photo into the search box and Google gave me this page

If you have never used Google Image Search before, it is a great resource to identify pictures, graphics, paintings and photos from the Internet that have no text or identification with them.

As you can see from the search above I found this page which says the photo is of Ketchikan, Alaska. OK, they have lighthouses in America, even though the rest of the photos were of European towns, a lighthouse photo is a lighthouse photo!

Reading further on the above page I discovered:

This photo is of Creek Street in Ketchikan that has been renovated and is now a popular tourist attraction. Creek Street was formerly the Ketchikan “red light” district that consisted of nothing but bordellos. The object, appearing as a small red box in the trees, in the upper center of the photo is the funicular1 that carries passengers to the Westmark Cape Fox Hotel high up on the bluff above. This hotel is one of the premier hotels in all of Alaska and has a fantastic view of almost all of Ketchikan including the port and cruise ships.

 So, the red lighthouse turned out to be a funicular railway car to a hotel – not a lighthouse. That is why it is always good to check!

But the photo below is definitely of a lighthouse, but where? Is it a painting or a photo? My Google Search does not give a clue. It looks like everybody has used the photo – I even found a website with the original photos included in the PPS file which is called Beautiful Villages Around the World Part 1 which changes my thinking that all the photos were of European towns! Does anybody have a clue where, or of what is in this photo?




Funicular – of a railroad, esp. one on a mountainside) operating by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced. see more at Wikipedia

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