Night Photos and the Lighthouse

In August 2012 I published an article Lighthouse Under the Stars. Since then I have been very lucky to find night-time photos with  the stars and a lighthouse – not necessarily a Canadian lighthouse, but a lighthouse nonetheless. 

The first two are from Mike Salway who has given me permission to reprint them here. Please drop by and bookmark his page – some wonderful nighttime photography there.


The Milky Way over Cape Leveque Lighthouse, Australia. Image credit: Mike Salway.

and the second prize-winning lighthouse and night sky photo from Mike Salway:



Milky Way over the beach at Cape Leveque Lighthouse, Australia Image credit: Mike Salway.

Some people write this up from the lighthouse point of view (myself) and others write it up from an astronomical point of view like this guy at the Bad_Astronomy blogspot.


Sometimes things just run in bunches. In this case they did – another photo of a lighthouse but with the Northern Lights in the sky from Ole Salamonsen and his website Arctic Light Photos. The photo is from one of fifty-three taken from this Aurora Borealis page.


The Light and the Lighthouse – images © Arctic Light Photo Ole C. Salomonsen Photography |contact |


At the same time as the photos above were found, the video below, 

This night sky video will make you want to go camping tonight

appeared in my news feeds. Enjoy Nightly Wonder!

And another short film – Eye of the Beholder – they just keep coming. Admire the views of the night sky and imagine you are a lighthouse keeper anywhere in the world!



Lighthouse at nightAnd last but hopefully not the last please admire the lighthouse photos under the stars from Michael Blanchette.

There are many more to view here in his gallery Night Sky.