Mise Tales Twenty-Six


For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One.

August 26, 2013 Vancouver Sun

Keeping the light on at Point Atkinson


 When the Point Atkinson lighthouse was built 130 years ago, it was designed to protect shippers in the Strait of Georgia. Now the lighthouse itself is in need of a benefactor. . . . more




Book CoverThe Great Bear Sea: Exploring the Marine Life of a Pacific Paradise – book review from the Orca Book Publishers of Canada

Following up the success of their first two books about the Great Bear Rainforest, The Salmon Bears and The Sea Wolves, Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read take readers on an expedition into the wondrous and mysterious underwater world of the Great Bear Sea.


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Now this is downright cute! I have seen lots of uses made of beach stones such as markers (below), Inukshuks, etc, but this is the first human figure modeled with rocks.

Stone cairn

Stone cairn – photo Daniel Salo