Inside Passage Ferry Trip to Visit Some of the Lighthouses

The idea for this story came from an article in the Vancouver Sun newspaper. I asked for permission to reprint it here for all to see, and they said I would have to pay them. This was an article about the Inside Passage ferry trip with mention of a couple of lighthouses – very few actually. I am not even going to mention the title of the story – how can they turn down free advertising.  😉

manned lighthouses

manned lighthouses

 When you visit Canada do you plan on seeing some lighthouses? We have twenty-seven (27) manned lighthouses on the west coast of British Columbia (BC); Canada. There are other unmanned lighthouses that are available for viewing also. You can see some of them if you wish with the BC Ferries, plus enjoy wonderful trips through BC waters.


The Inside Passage

Let us start with the longest trip first. How about fifteen (15) hours on a luxurious ferry in daylight so that you can make many photos. Fifteen hours may seem like a long time, but there is so much to see that time flies by, especially if the weather is fine.

Northern Expedition

Northern Expedition – BC Ferries photo


Northern Adventure

Northern Adventure – BC Ferries photo

There are two ferries on the route (2013) – the Northern Expedition and the Northern Adventure. You can actually follow them live on this website.

inside passage

inside passage


As these ferries leave from Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island, there are a few lighthouses further south but still on the Inside Passage that you will miss on this trip, but as you leave Port Hardy the first lighthouse you will see is Scarlett Point on the left hand (port) side and then Pine Island on the right (starboard) side (follow the map above).


Next comes Egg island on the starboard, probably hidden in the mists. Further north as the boat enters the inside waters and gets away from the rolling swells you will pass very near Addenbroke Island lighthouse on the starboard side of the pass.

automated lighthouses

automated lighthouses


About fifteen (15) miles south of the First Nations village of Bella Bella at the entrance to Lama Pass you will round a small island on the port side which houses a helicopter pad and a white automated tower. This was Pointer Island lighthouse but it was automated in 


As you leave the village of Bella Bella you will see Dryad Point lighthouse on the port side as you round the point and head out into the open waters leading to Milbanke Sound.  Just before entering the sound (notice the ship rolling!) on the starboard side you will see Ivory Island lighthouse high on the rock. If you have binoculars and the day is clear you may see the flash of my old lighthouse at McInnes island on the extreme left (port side) as you turn right (starboard) into Milbanke Sound. McInnes Island is located on the north side of the sound – almost on the horizon.

As you leave Milbanke sound you will make a port turn and see perched on a rocky bluff the lighthouse known as Boat Bluff. It is the most photographed light on the Inside Passage because of its proximity to the channel. This will be the last Canadian manned lighthouse you will see on this trip.

You will now spend a few hours traversing the calm inside waters. Enjoy!

As you leave the passage and approach the end of your journey you will see one last flash of light from a tower on the port side (left). Buried in the trees on this island is the now automated Lawyer Island lighthouse.

More trips will follow in later posts.


 The article below is very interesting. There are some lovely photos of the Inside Passage, including a couple of the lighthouses – Scarlett Point (named Songhees in the story) and Boat Bluff.

Yukon Ho – Inside Passage BC Ferry – Yukon and BC Mountain Biking Road Trip

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Since we were going the distance we decided to make this a road trip to remember by getting a taste of what BC and the Yukonhas to offer. The first stage is the drive up Vancouver Island to hop on a BC Ferry to experience the Inside Passage. No better way to see our coast line then on a 15 hour cruise along it. . . . more