Wildlife and Spirit Bear Adventures

Wildlife and Spirit Bear Adventures

When I wrote the story A Wolf At McInnes I never really explained how the wolf got on to McInnes Island, so today I am going to combine two stories into one. Firstly, the wolf swam from nearby Price Island over two (2) kilometers away, probably island hopping to catch its breath. Pictured below and in the album are photos of wolves swimming taken by photographer Leanne Reandy, a staff member of Spirit Bear Adventures, on a trip back to Klemtu from Bella Bella, BC. 

wolf swimming - by Leanne Reandy

Most wildlife, just like household pets (dogs and cats), can swim. I have seen bears, cougar, deer,  and wolves swimming in the ocean – usually to escape being prey, or as predator. 

The map below, included for your reference, shows the area mentioned in this article with locations coloured as above.


Another very large map of the Central Coast of BC from the Living Oceans website. This also shows the towns mentioned above, plus it shows ocean depths and other interesting information.Make sure you click on the map. It is huge and contains lots of information! Visit them also on Facebook and give the page a LIKE.

Now, back to the second point of the article. If you are interested in seeing the British Columbia (BC) coast and experiencing the wonders of nature that abound in the Great Bear Rainforest, then please contact  Spirit Bear Adventures who run the Spirit Bear Lodge in Klemtu, BC. A great adventure for all!

Just for interests sake, here is an aerial photo and a section of a Marine Chart of the area around McInnes Island showing the numerous islands the wolf could have stopped off at while adventuring out for his visit.

Price Island in the background
Price Island in the background



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