Now You Have to Cook Them!

Now You Have to Cook Them!

After posting the story Then You’ve Got to Clean Them! I obtained permission from Pacific Wild to use some photos showing the cooking of the salmon by the people in Bella Bella, British Columbia (BC). These pictures just made me drool. The people were cooking planked salmon which has to be one of the tastiest ways of cooking salmon over an open fire. See the photo and gallery below:

Planked Salmon - Bella Bella - Pacific Wild
photo courtesy of Pacific Wild


The photos above are in no set order – just as I downloaded them. On the lighthouse we used to cook the salmon many ways but this was the most fun, and the tastiest.

Now for the recipe! Well, it varies depending on who you talk to. Here is one from Mamas Gotta Bake. which looks good. Myself, I used the melted butter with a mixture of lemon juice, orange juice and garlic. Keep trying different ingredients until you find one you like.



And just to wet your appetite again, a nice shot of planked salmon on a camping trip!


In the article Then You’ve Got to Clean Them! that was a very large fish.

In the gallery above, a whole village is taking part, so if you are just a small family, a big fish will go a long ways. Of course you can freeze the raw leftovers (another story!) or you can preserve it in metal cans or glass bottles. In addition to the photos above from Pacific Wild, I was given permission to show the following ones on how the locals can salmon. This is my third favourite way to cook salmon, the second being smoking it (again, another story).

Please take a look at the photo and gallery below. This is mass production for many people, but it is also easier to do a large batch than a smaller one. I do not include a recipe or instructions as this process must be learned from an experienced person or food poisoning will result. If done properly the results are better than anything you can buy!

Canned Salmon_Bella Bella_Pacific Wild_4
photo courtesy of Pacific Wild


Now, if you can’t plank and you can’t can then maybe you have a small piece of salmon from which you can make Grilled Salmon Kebabs for the family. They are also delicious.



Another recipe for a small piece of salmon is Grilled Salmon done on the barbecue (BBQ), or in the frying pan if a BBQ is lacking.

Grilled Salmon

And if all else fails there is always the lowly Salmon Fishcake – another one of my favourite recipes which even Jamie Oliver enjoys.

Fish Cakes - Pacific Wild
photo courtesy of Pacific Wild

Try them all! Enjoy! 


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