The hijack of a ship on the British Columbia (BC) coast is a rare possibility, but with all the controversy over oil spills and destruction of coastal rain forests, the possibility is still there for terrorists or others to hijack a ship on the BC coast and hold the government for ransom.

In the rest of the world, piracy, or hijacking of a ship, is not unknown and shipping companies have had to find many ways to keep their ships safe. Speed is one method, but a fully-loaded freighter does not go very fast.

Today, October 17, 2013, a new website for me, Marine Insight, mentioned:

Infographics: Anti-Piracy Weapons Used on Ships



Along with political and diplomatic tactics, a variety of non-lethal (and lethal) methods are used to keep somali pirates at safe distances from the ships.

Implementation of armed guards on ships is a matter of great debate. And Eunavfor is doing a fantastic job at protecting seafarers from Somali pirates. . . more 

In one of the comments on the above page this company Marine and Auto Security Solutions have a solution. See the video below.

<script src=”http://player.ooyala.com/player.js?embedCode=4xb2IwZzqnWgO8HYH6d8Ha9tR2vvYQcJ&width=403&height=227&deepLinkEmbedCode=4xb2IwZzqnWgO8HYH6d8Ha9tR2vvYQcJ”></script>




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