Build a Gingerbread Lighthouse for Christmas

Build a Gingerbread Lighthouse for Christmas

1457729_227027730804333_1283741170_nAuthor and friend Elinor DeWire posted the photo at left on her Facebook page.

I was interested to see if it was real or not so I did a Google Image Search for the photo and look what I found!

This is definitely a gingerbread lighthouse and the page below from Coastal Living has the instructions.

Build Your Own Gingerbread Lighthouse

Building a gingerbread house has many steps, and it does take awhile. But it’s not as difficult as it looks. Just relax and have fun with it—we’d love to see what you come up with!

Craft a Gingerbread Lighthouse   Coastal Living


Build a Gingerbread Lighthouse   Coastal Living


Now that is not the only gingerbread lighthouse that Coastal Living gives the directions for building!

Here is another one that I found in that Google Image Search.

Build [another] Gingerbread Lighthouse

Build a Gingerbread Lighthouse   Coastal Living(1)

And just to add spice to the cake mix, here is a selection of gingerbread dwellings on Pinterest that includes one more gingerbread lighthouse!


And if you are so inclined to be lazy like me, here are two more gingerbread lighthouses, which can be bought, or used as a design for your own creation. Click a photo for the link. If you create any masterpieces, please send me a photo and I will post them here.



 And not bragging or anything, but here is one my daughter made a few years ago.
Wendy cake

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