Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society

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From the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society comes this beautiful descriptive map of ALL the lighthouses (manned and automated) on Prince Edward Island (aka PEI), the smallest of Canada’s provinces. It consists of the main island and 231 minor islands. Altogether the entire province has a land area of 5,685.73 km2 (2,195.27 sq mi). (Wiki)


 This map of PEI showing its location in Canada is from Wikipedia

2012-08-02-08-11-33-LIV-Lighthouse1C-An interesting article is available from The Guardian, a PEI newspaper, entitled A Beckoning Beacon. It describes one man’s desire to build a model of a PEI lighthouse that he remembers – Fish Island Lighthouse.

[private]A beckoning beacon   Entertainment   The Guardian


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