A Lighthouse in Iceland

A Lighthouse in Iceland

1488255_759521697393799_359641845_nThe photo above appeared on Facebook recently. It is a photo of the Þrídrangar lighthouse (pronounciation unknown) in Iceland. According to Timothy Harrison, lighthouse historian and Editor in Chief of Lighthouse Digest magazine, the photo was first posted on I heart Reykjavík on Facebook. There they say:

How would you like to be a lighthouse guard in this lighthouse? Þrídrangar are located 10km west of the Westman Islands and the lighthouse was built in 1939 (probably the most challenging lighthouse ever built in Iceland). I’m not sure I would visit even if I was offered it. Image via www.sigling.is

 The Google Map below shows the location. Zoom in on it. 

There are three (3) more photos  on this Flickr page, taken during a maintenance trip, and there is one more distant shot on another Flickr page.

The Vimeo video below shows that the island is quite a bit bigger than it appears in some photos – but not very much bigger!

[vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/53323528″]

All in all, a very interesting place!

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