Mise Tales Forty

For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One. As mentioned earlier on the front page of my website, any photos or cartoons, or short bits of information, when it is removed from the front page, will also be included again later in the next Misc Tales. That way you can keep track of it, search for it, or copy it.



survival necklace s1401 from Cougar Fashion in Tahsis, British Columbia

from the rainforest, for the rainforest price $12.50 this necklace is transformed to emergency fishing gear within minutes. all you need is a pocket knife.

contents: – 3.8 m. fishing line  – 3.5 cm. bait hook – interlock snap swivel  – split ring  – 6 cm. hoochie

Now this is a unique West Coast piece. It is a very beautiful necklace and would draw comments wherever it is worn. dsc_6902I am not too sure how practical it would be with only 3.8 meters (12.5 feet) of fishing line, but anything could work in an emergency.One would be better off also wearing a Survival Strap (get one in a matching colour) to add length to the necklace. Hey, two unique pieces of survival jewelry which you can wear anytime. Check out all the other items which you can find at Cougar Fashion


The following is a most beautiful film of American lighthouses used as advertising for

Lerro Productions Photo Workshop Tours.

The Youtube page says:

While very popular, lighthouses are often overlooked as photographic subjects. Lighthouses were made to illuminate the night skies, so why not photograph them in their natural environment? Join us on our unique lighthouse tour adventures and learn how to photograph lighthouses in some of the most challenging conditions, both day and night.

Please watch in full screen mode – it is spectacular!


Conimicut Point lighthouse off Warwick may become a place to stay for tourists from the Providence Journal April 09, 2014 by Barbara Polichetti, Journal Staff Writer bpoliche@providencejournal.com

0410_CONIMICUT_LIGHT_BEDBREAKFASTWARWICK, R.I. — For more than 100 years, the stout lighthouse off Conimicut Point has warned vessels away from rocky shallow waters, but soon its flashing white light might become a beacon of welcome. Mayor Scott Avedisian said Wednesday that a lighthouse aficionado who has already restored the Borden Flats lighthouse in Fall River and opened it as an inn, wants to do the same with the Conimicut light.   His restoration of the Fall River lighthouse can be seen on the websitewww.bordenflats.com.


A song by Neptune’s Car about the daily life and tasks of a lighthouse keeper (inspired by the stories of Abbie Burgess, Ida Lewis, and Katherine “Katie” Walker). See Youtube and Neptune’s Car and this page for the Lyrics – here or here.


The following was downloaded from the Vintage Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Facebook page here. On that page they said:

And now through the magic of Hollywood, we give you … the reason why we don’t let John McGrath drive CCG hovercraft any more.
Yes that’s really one of the CCG SAR hovercraft from Sea Island.
Yes that’s really the Sea Island OIC Capt McGrath driving.
Yes Jackie Chan really broke his ankle jumping from the bridge onto the hovercraft’s deck.

Hovercraft chase out of the Jackie Chan movie Rumble in the Bronx ….
It gives you a good idea about Hovercraft skirts as they transverse over different terrain.

This clip is for educational purposes, whether in-class lectures, online posting in a digital publication, or at conference presentations only as described in the following outline at :
http://www.wcl.american.edu/pijip/go/all copy rights to original source.



 As you can see I have found another lighthouse photographer, 22 North Photography. As you can see by this screenshot I did a search on the site and came up with 363 images (of lighthouses!). Enjoy!


The Little Red Lighthouse April 18, 2014 in Lighthouse Blog Category by Marilyn


I’ve mentioned Marilyn Turk before. She writes a religious blog Pathways of the Heart based on everyday objects. I published a brief hint of another one of her stories  in Misc Tales Thirty-Nine earlier.

The little red lighthouse settled into its new home on Jeffrey’s Hook in the Hudson River. Built in 1880, it had been moved to the site when it was no longer needed in its former location in New Jersey. Jeffrey’s Hook was a rocky point of land that jutted out into the river near the city of New York and had long needed its own lighthouse. The little red lighthouse wasn’t  very big, at only forty feet high, but it was big enough for the location. It beamed its light out over the narrow channel between New York and New Jersey, warning traffic on the busy waterway of the dangers hidden below the water’s surface. . . more


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