Roy Henry Vickers – Native Art Extraordinaire

Trial island - Roy Henry Vickers

I met Roy in Smithers, British Columbia at the Heartstrings store where he was signing some of his works. I mentioned that I was writing about the BC lighthouses and their keepers and said that I would look him up one day to promote his work. On his website it says:


Canadian artist Roy Henry Vickers is best known around the world for his limited edition prints. He is also an accomplished carver, design advisor of prestigious public spaces, a sought-after keynote speaker, and publisher and author of several successful books.

In addition, he is a recognized leader in the First Nations community, and a tireless spokesperson for recovery from addictions and abuse.

Roy has received many awards and honours for his art and community involvement. Among them are a hereditary chieftainship and several hereditary names he has received from Northwest Coast First Nations. – with permission Roy Henry Vickers website

I purchased the above card as it showed Trial Island lighthouse in the distance, but according to Roy, he has many more lighthouse art prints. If they arrive before this gets online, I will add them here; if not, later. Continue reading

Woodblock and Fine Art of Graham Scholes

Another artist that will get your lighthouse blood running is Graham Scholes. He just loves lighthouses and has artwork of southern and northern BC lightstations. Click the photo below for a link to his website.

Quarter Master Design by Eric Nevatie

A lot of contacts that I have made with this website have given me permission to use some of their lighthouse photos and art to illustrate my stories. Quarter Master Design is one of these. Perusing the website today, I decided that instead of showing selected items to wet your appetite, I would print a copy of their home page for you to see. Click on the picture above to go to the website of Eric Nevatie at Quarter Master Design – beautiful!

Art – Alan Giana Paintings

Upon the night - Copyright © Alan Giana


 Alan Giana is an American who paints relaxing, almost fantasy scenes. You may have seen his paintings on many products. To quote his website:



Alan’s paintings of colorful paths, charming country hideaways, tranquil coastal waterways, and captivating Christmas scenes, bring us to peaceful places. Places where we can escape for a moment and appreciate all of the beauty around us.

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Art – Bill Maximick Paintings

On my old website I made many friends in the art community. One of my favourites was Bill Maximick from whom I purchased a print of his painting Queen of the North. It is a beautiful painting of a beautiful ship which once plied our BC coastal waters from Vancouver to Prince Rupert on the Inside Passage.

“Many West Coast artists specialize in painting with seascapes and marine themes, but few match the public acceptance and acclaim accorded Bill Maximick, particularly from those who know and appreciate boats.”


“Bill’s experience of working many years on tugs, fish boats, and in remote logging camps on British Columbia’s west coast impart powerful feeling and authenticity to his paintings.”


One can feel the power of the sea, and see the beauty of the boats in his paintings. But Bill did not only paint boats, and seascapes – he painted BC lighthouses. Some examples are seen in the album below. To see more paintings, and other services he offers, go to his website – Maximick Originals.




Art – Ghislain Bonneau Paintings

 March 15, 2014 – I was notified by Ghislain Bonneau today that he is no longer interested in maintaining his website so I have removed all links to his webpage which now no longer exists.

Ghislain  Bonneau found my website while looking for photos of BC lighthouses. He is a Canadian painter using oil on canvas as his medium. I love his rendition of the west coast seas. Because of the oil medium, the water looks wet – almost like you could get your hand wet by touching it.

October 03, 2012 – A new painting by Ghislain showing Cox Bay near Tofino, British columbia. In the background left is the Lennard Island lighthouse, a common topic for Ghislain as he lives in the area.

#101 Lennard Island, 30″ x 48″ oil on canvas, 2011


On the left is a painting of Lennard Island lighthouse which is very well done – I think even the lighthouse keeper on Lennard Island would like this one. The viewpoint is a common one in many photos of Lennard Island as it is easily accessible for making photos.

Below is one of many videos that Ghislain has made while on the west coast. This one shows the view towards Lennard Island lighthouse, and a quick view of the lighthouse at the end.

 More west coast videos can be seen on his webpage here.

#88 Trial Island, 18″ x 24″, 2007


Another lighthouse painting he has done is of Trial Island, off Victoria, BC. It shows the lighthouse with a heavy bank of cloud behind, early morning sunrise – painted from a photo taken from the golf course.


#90, Trial island, 18″ x 24″, 2007


Another painting of Trial Island. Trial island is right on Ghislain’s doorstep. I like the former painting of Trial a lot better. I find the house in this painting looks like a round Dutch windmill house, rather than the stark, straight-sided, Canadian lighthouse buildings.


#96, Ocean West, Ucluelet, BC


On his website, Ghislain has many other art works besides paintings. Myself, I like the oil paintings best, but you decide. My last contribution to this artist is a painting that I really like. This is where the oil paint makes the water look wet. Love it!

If you see something you like, contact Ghislain Bonneau. He says he is not selling anything right now, but it never hurts to ask.

Amphitrite Point – photo Ghislain Bonneau


The newest painting (2012) from Ghislain is this one of Amphitrite Point lighthouse (automated). I love the lighthouse lantern, the way it is lit from inside without showing the lamp. Well done!


To make the paintings Ghislain takes many photos. A collection of his photos are available here. Please respect his wishes and use them for personal use only. They make lovely screensaver photos.