A Lighthouse in Iceland

1488255_759521697393799_359641845_nThe photo above appeared on Facebook recently. It is a photo of the Þrídrangar lighthouse (pronounciation unknown) in Iceland. According to Timothy Harrison, lighthouse historian and Editor in Chief of Lighthouse Digest magazine, the photo was first posted on I heart Reykjavík on Facebook. There they say:

How would you like to be a lighthouse guard in this lighthouse? Þrídrangar are located 10km west of the Westman Islands and the lighthouse was built in 1939 (probably the most challenging lighthouse ever built in Iceland). I’m not sure I would visit even if I was offered it. Image via www.sigling.is

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Lighthouses Visible in the Costa Concordia Disaster

The Costa Concordia rests on its side on the morning of January 14, 2012. The Costa Concordia rests on its side on the morning of January 14, 2012 (click for larger photo)

Yes, it is a photo of the Costa Concordia aground on the rocks but did anyone notice the lighthouse in the photo under which the lifeboats are all clustered?

It is one of two lights guarding the entrance to the harbour for the town of Giglio Porto (Port of of the island of Giglio) in Italy. One light is red (port-hand light) and the other is green (starboard-hand light) as can be seen in the photo below. Continue reading

Mise Tales Thirty-Three


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Tell Tale Productions Inc’s. documentary “Lighthouses” – the film has been completed and has had its world broadcast premiere on CBC Television’s Land and Sea Sunday, November 24, 2013. If you missed it you can see it online on CBC Land and Sea.

Lighthouses Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-eyXSyl0Og&feature=youtu.be
Lighthouses Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/580960155309104/


Another beautiful video called “Salmon Confidential” showing the life cycle of Sockeye Salmon, and the problems they are encountering now with salmon farms, and other unknown fish diseases. Thirty-six minutes long but well-worth the watch because of the beautiful photography of wildlife on the British Columbia coast, both above and below the water. 


The Canadian Coast Guard HQ at Victoria, BC

 The Canadian Coast Guard HQ at Victoria, British Columbia–what a beautiful building! This view is from the Blackball Ferry deck on approach to the harbor. Those buoys look like Dreidels lined up on the rocks for Hanukkah! – posted on Facebook by author and friend of mine Elinor DeWire 


Peters & May Commercial ships 30M hovercraft from UK to Canada


Canada just acquired a new (used) hovercraft from England. It was shipped to Vancouver, British Columbia by the boat shipping company Peters & May. On their Facebook page they posted some wonderful photos of the loading of the hovercraft on one of their ships. Quite a feat! 

 And from the Fisheries & Oceans Canada media website:

Ministers Shea and Wong Announce the Arrival and Name of a New Hovercraft

November 27, 2013

CCGS MoytelVancouver, British Columbia – The Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors) and Member of Parliament for Richmond, today announced the arrival in Canada of the new hovercraft to be stationed at Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia – the CCGS Moytel


And from a former lighthouse keeper and friend of mine, Chris Mills, comes this wonderful view of a Fresnel lens – photos and a video showing the lens in action.

Chris Mills_2Chris Mills_1






Mise Tales Thirty-Two


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Click the image or use this link to see the National Geographic article If All the Ice Melted.



Navigational Light to be Fixed Atop Marriott Hotel
May 16, 2013 by KNEWS filed under news


Georgetown Light-House

Port Georgetown Lighthouse, Guyana
The Marriott Hotel will have a revolving light atop as a navigational aid for vessels leaving and entering Port Georgetown. In fact, even as the hotel is being constructed the contractor is expected to have the light in place and functional.

A source close to the management of the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), said that the Marriott Hotel when completed will be taller than the lighthouse. The structure will obstruct light emanating from the 103-foot lighthouse located at Kingston.

But Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon at his post-Cabinet press briefing last Thursday said, “This revelation has not been brought home to Cabinet about another reason for disparaging this transformative project initiative (Marriott). Now we are interfering with light from the lighthouse.”

Dr. Luncheon jested that a new improved light house would be constructed.
However, according to the source, the lighthouse would not be obsolete since it will still function as a navigational aid for vessels travelling south. Meanwhile, vessels travelling in the northern direction will be guided by light originating from the light affixed to the Marriott Hotel. – . . .  more Continue reading

Mise Tales Thirty-One


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960Waves crash against a lighthouse during a storm named Christian that battered France at Boulogne sur Mer
Source: Reuters – Mon, 28 Oct 2013 12:34 PM
Author: Reuters





The Faroe Islands Are Our Travel Tuesday

A serene haven of tranquil waters, green grass and colorful houses, the Faroe Islands are located halfway between Norway and Iceland. 

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Reprint – In the Sanctuary of the White Bear

In the Sanctuary of the White Bear   Green Living   The Ecologist

A rare white ‘spirit bear’ in the BC temperate rainforest. Photo: Ian McAllister / pacificwild.org.

[su_quote cite=”To many who live here, this singular being is an emblem of the sacredness of the rain coast and its vulnerability. “][/su_quote]

In the sanctuary of the White Bear by Canadian Poet Lorna Crozier

17th November 2013


Poet Lorna Crozier vists the Great Bear Rainforest in BC, Canada and finds a fragile paradise imbued with myth, meaning and magic for local indigenous peoples.

The big grizzly is perched on the other side of the river bank, so near he can hear the rain on my jacket. He raises his blunt head and courses the air. Stares at me and sniffs.

Above the stench of rotting salmon, my smell has been drawn into a grizzly’s nostrils, through the nasal passages inside his long snout. Part of me now lives inside the mind of an omnivorous animal whose Latin name ends with horribilis.

The bear is here for the salmon, who have returned to the rivers of their birth to spawn and die. We’re here for the bears.

Photographer/filmmaker Ian McAllister has joined my husband Patrick and me on our first morning to help introduce us to his home turf, the Great Bear Rainforest, a tract of land that follows B.C.’s coastline from the tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaska Panhandle. He and his wife Karen run the Pacific Wild conservation group to protect this astonishing piece of wildness that they’ve known intimately for over twenty years.

The largest intact temperate rainforest in the world, the traditional territory of the Kitasoo / Xai’xais First Nation, this region is only two short flights from Vancouver. But we are as far from a city, as far from ordinary life, as you can get. . . . more

This essay originally appeared in Toque & Canoe, and in Counterpunch.

Mise Tales Twenty-Nine


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A beautiful view of the Nazare lighthouse at Praia do Norte outside the Portuguese fishing village of Nazare, Portugal. It is back dropped by what may be the world’s highest surfing wave.Article and photos on the National Post Sports page.

Nazare Lighthouse at Praia do Norte outside the Portuguese fishing village of Nazare

Nazare Lighthouse at Praia do Norte outside the Portuguese fishing village of Nazare

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Halloween: Ghost guide book reveals Wales’ spookiest supernatural hotspots

Halloween: Ghost guide book reveals Wales’ spookiest supernatural hotspots

New book, Supernatural Wales, reveals gateways to the underworld,  bottomless lakes, UFO’s, werewolves and all manner of ghostly goings-on around Wales


South Stack lighthouse: According to legend, the lighthouse, on Anglesey, is haunted by the ghost of assistant keeper Jack Jones. He died after he was hit on the head by a rock during a storm on October 25 and 26 in 1859.

Fairies, goblins, devils and demons are said to have haunted Wales for thousands of years.

Now ghost hunters keen to visit the land’s spookiest spots on Halloween can do just that, thanks to a new guidebook called Supernatural Wales.

Author Alvin Nicholas revealed “no other mountain has attracted as much lore as Cadair Idris.”

“Cadair Idris means Chair of Idris – a shadowy figure of the Dark Ages, sometimes associated with King Arthur,” he said.

The chair is thought to refer to the armchair like shape of Cwm Gadair.

“The mountain was thought to be a gateway to the underworld, frequented by dragons, troops of fairies and the much feared ‘cwn annwn’ – hounds of the underworld.

“A glacial lake called Llyn Cau is said to be bottomless, and according to tradition, is the abode of a man eating monster.

“To the present day, visitors report a peculiar presence on the summit and in the vicinity of the nearby stone shelter.”

In 1977, a corner of Pembrokeshire became known as the Broad Haven Triangle.

“The Coombs family of Ripperston Farm near St Brides were disproportionately affected by the odd events,” Alvin said.

“Their car was pursued by a rugby ball shaped craft that emitted powerful lights, a ‘giant faceless humanoid’ peered in through the windows of their farmhouse and a disc like object frightened their children in a nearby field.”


Ghostly Wales – eerie pictures of some of Wales’ supernatural hotspots


Ghostly Wales – eerie pictures of some of Wales’ supernatural hotspots

“Headmaster Ralph Llewellyn asked the children to sketch what they had seen and was impressed by the similarity of their drawings.”

Then there is the Skirrid Mountain Inn, in Monmouthshire.

“Resident ghosts include some of the many people allegedly held here over the years, from sheep stealers to rebels hanged following the Monmouth rebellion in 1685,” Alvin said.

Ghostly mists have appeared in photos at the pub.

“Beer glasses and other objects have been known to fly across the bar of their own accord and shadowy figures wander the corridors,” Alvin said.

Top ten terrifying tales from Wales

“Some visitors have reported feelings of panic and of a noose being tightened around their neck on the stairs.”

According to legend, South Stack lighthouse, on Anglesey, is haunted by the ghost of assistant lighthouse keeper Jack Jones. He died after he was hit on the head by a rock during a storm on October 25 and 26 in 1859.

That sunk ship Royal Charter with a loss of 500 lives. Jones died three weeks later.

“Jones makes his presence known by rattling doors, in a desperate attempt to get in, some say, and by tapping on windows,” Alvin said.

Denbigh moors lie to the north of the Cambrian mountains.

“A Roman centurion, said to be an omen of death, haunts a bridge on the road from Ruthin to Cerigydruidion,” Alvin said.

“The centurion appears in full Roman military uniform – complete with helmet, breastplate and sandals. He holds a short sword above his head.”

“Fishermen have suffered ill fortune after seeing the ghost.”

A werewolf was said to roam the moors in the 1700s.

“One full moon night a creature the size of a donkey attacked and overturned a coach travelling between Denbigh and Wrexham,” Alvin said.

“The following year an ‘enormous black beast’ mutilated livestock and killed a farm dog.”

* Supernatural Wales, by Alvin Nicholas, is published by Amberley priced £14.99.


The hijack of a ship on the British Columbia (BC) coast is a rare possibility, but with all the controversy over oil spills and destruction of coastal rain forests, the possibility is still there for terrorists or others to hijack a ship on the BC coast and hold the government for ransom.

In the rest of the world, piracy, or hijacking of a ship, is not unknown and shipping companies have had to find many ways to keep their ships safe. Speed is one method, but a fully-loaded freighter does not go very fast.

Today, October 17, 2013, a new website for me, Marine Insight, mentioned:

Infographics: Anti-Piracy Weapons Used on Ships



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World’s Ugliest Ship

I know this website is about lighthouses, but I do not plan these things! After posting the story on FLIP (Floating Instrument Platform) doing oceanographic research I was alerted to this story on the World’s Ugliest Ship which also does research of sorts. It is too interesting to ignore. Hey, it’s also red and white like the Canadian Coast Guard ships!

ramformtitanPGS   Image   Digital JournalA seismic vessel, the Ramform Titan, has sometimes been dubbed “the world’s ugliest ship” as it has a 70 meter wide stern, making it one of the widest boats in the world. It is owned by Norway’s Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). – more

Launch of the Ramform Titan from the Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan (below):