A Lighthouse Story – The Bell Rock Enigma

In it’s seventh year the National Galleries of Scotland’s writing competition, Inspired? Get Writing! asked beginning authors to write a story or poem based on one of the gallery’s paintings. This request fired the imagination of 1,200 entrants this year (2012). Entries are judged in five categories: Under 12s, 12-14s, 15-18s, Adults Prose and Adults Poetry. […]

Books – Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian Lighthouses

Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian Lighthouses  The graphic to the left appeared on The Lighthouse Society of Great Britain (LSGB) website. After much Googling for it I finally found “With regret, this website has been closed.” The information below is printed with permission of Dr. Ken Tretheway.  Dr. Trethewy’s site had all the data […]

Book – 1855 Lights for Lighthouses

This book first published in 1855 is a copy of the original produced by the Chance Brothers factory. From the handwritten prices and information, it appears to be a salesman’s copy which would have been given to the prospective buyer. As each light was specifically made for one location only, then this would have been […]

The Lighthouse Keeper – A Day in the Life

In December 2011 I received a Guestbook entry from a Scottish ex-lighthouse keeper who said “I was made redundant from the service in 1992 and the last Keeper retired from the service in 1998 . . .” His name is Peter Hill and he has written a few poems about his life and also a […]

Don’t Let the Lighthouses Go Dark – special reprint

The following article by Bella Bathhurst from the Notting Hill Editions Journal was passed to me by a BC lightkeeper. It was so well written I asked permission to reprint it here. Pay special attention to the author’s reasons for keeping lighthouses. *************************************  Don’t Let the Lighthouses go Dark by Bella Bathhurst – published November […]

Could the UK lighthouses be about to go in the dark?

From the BBC online news  (NOTE: This is an image from the website. If the text is too small, hold down the CTRL key (lower left) on your keyboard and rotate the middle wheel on your mouse. The text will become larger or smaller depending on which direction you move the mouse wheel.) This applies […]

Book – Chance Brothers Diaphone Manual

  This is a PDF copy of the Chance Diaphone Manual, which explains all the workings of the Diaphone Foghorn, and lists the many versions of the foghorn, their ranges, working pressures, sizes, etc. Click the link above to read or download the book.