Reprint – Capturing The Beauty of Capitancillo Islet In Pictures


The story and photos below are from the blog of a friend of mine in the Philippines, Cebu Experience, by Rusty Ferguson. I met Rusty in Bogo, Philippines on my six week trip there as a tourist in 2010. From the balcony of my room in the Nailon Beach Resort (marked with the red A in the map below) where I was staying I could see the lighthouse in the distance that Rusty mentions in the story below, but unfortunately I never did get to visit it.

There are five lighthouses in the Philippines right now, and they are repairing them to make them attractive for the tourists. Most of them were built in the days of Spanish colonization, so if you ever get over this way, plan a visit. It’s high on my list of things to do here too.

One thing you may notice, besides lighthouses, Rusty likes babes in bikinis!

On the map, if you move to the NE across the ocean, you will come upon the Capitancillo Islet where the lighthouse is located.