Books – Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian Lighthouses

Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian Lighthouses 

The graphic to the left appeared on The Lighthouse Society of Great Britain (LSGB) website.

After much Googling for it I finally found “With regret, this website has been closed.” The information below is printed with permission of Dr. Ken Tretheway. 

Dr. Trethewy’s site had all the data from this book on line in PDF files which I am going to host here as they are priceless documents showing the inner workings of older British and Canadian lighthouses. 

The available PDF file, A Few Notes on Modern Lighthouse Practice, can be read, saved, and downloaded from this link (2.45 MB).

The drawings in the gallery below are all referred to in the PDF book but are not reproduced therein.  Continue reading

Book – Chance Brothers Diaphone Manual

Chance Diaphone Book


This is a PDF copy of the Chance Diaphone Manual, which explains all the workings of the Diaphone Foghorn, and lists the many versions of the foghorn, their ranges, working pressures, sizes, etc. Click the link above to read or download the book.